International institutions should conduct DNA tests of the bodies in Balochistan : BSO Azad

Sangar News



The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) expressed concern over the burial of the mutilated bodies which have been buried by declaring them abandoned and said that the state, including the violations of human rights, is insulting the humanity by throwing mutilated bodies of the Baloch missing persons on daily basis and declaring them abandoned and unknown.
The spokesperson said that the mutilated bodies have been discovered in Balochistan in form of mass graves before this incident but none of the unbiased institution conducted any investigation. In the similar pattern, 10 mutilated bodies were discovered last month which were also buried in Dasht Tera Mill, an area near Quetta, by declaring them abandoned, too. We fear that these all bodies are of the Baloch missing persons and burying them without any identity and DNA test is aimed by the state to keep their identity unknown.
Spokesperson said that United Nations and international human rights institutions are always silent over the Balochistan issue and particularly over the issue of the human rights violations. Their silence is providing opportunities to the state of Paksitan to oppress Baloch and insult the human rights in Balochistan further and this quietness is a question mark over the credibility of international institutions.  
Therefore, we request to the human rights institutions and United Nations to establish a tribunal in this regard globally and investigate the discovered mutilated bodies in Balochistan without any pressure and biasness and take action against the state of Pakistan over the violation of human rights.