It is responsibility of UN to send fact finding missions to Balochistan. Dr Allah Nizar

Sangar News

Baloch national leader Dr Allah Nizar Baloch has said in a statement that Pakistani atrocities have increased with more intensity in Balochistan.

He said women and children are being abducted and kept in unknown torture cells in the guise of arrest, working on the policy of collective punishment, which clearly indicates that Baloch national struggle has become matured.
The purpose of these inhuman atrocities is to keep Baloch nation under fear in order to exploit natural resources by elongating its occupation.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch asserted that throughout the world there is no parallel to the atrocities which are being inflicted on the Baloch nation, because herein Pakistan is directly involved in atrocities and barbarities. Wherever Baloch are living their lives are fraught with danger. If you compare the situations of Balochistan with Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, there the masses are facing threat from extremist organizations, which cannot control the entire country; whereas Baloch nation is entirely under occupation and facing state terrorism.

He further added, “More mass graves have been discovered [in Balochistan]; here kill and dump and fake encounters are a common occurrence; hundreds of dead bodies are thrown into rivers. Now mutilated dead bodies are being handed over to Edhi Foundation, and Edhi Foundation has created a large graveyard of unidentified dead bodies in Mastung. In reality those are the dead bodies of Baloch. No sound minded can accept the the burial of hundreds of dead bodies by proclaiming them unknown.”

The Baloch leader said, “A humanitarian crisis is evolving in Balochistan; 40000 Baloch are abducted and kept in torture cells; among those many having languishing in these dark torture cells for more than a decade and their families members don't have any news of the whereabouts of their loved ones: whether they are dead or alive.”

Allah Nizar Baloch also criticised the role of media by maintaining that media has played an equal role to promote these aggression and barbarities. Media is completely silent on the issue of Balochistan, which has further encouraged the occupying forces.
Dr Allah Nizar Baloch stressed, “in such conditions, it is the responsibility of human rights organizations, the United Nations and its fact findings missions that they should dispatch their facts finding and see the situations with their own eyes and interview the people about war crimes, human rights violation and genocide of Baloch nation.”