BLF takes responsibity of attack in Gwadar

Sangar News

Gwahram Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front has claimed the responsibility of attack on construction company in Gwadar.

 Today Baloch Sarmchars (freedom fighters) of BLF have attacked the security on the site of a construction company on Sorani, Gwadar. As a result of this attack, one security personnel was killed and another was wounded and three were arrested.

He added that these security guards are members of the local death squad that are being patronized by Pakistan Army.
Soon after the attack Baloch Sarmachars bulldozed the construction site and set all machinery on fire. They also confiscated four assault weapons and walkie talkies. He said this plant supplied crush to Gwadar.

While discussing on the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Gwadar, he asserted, “the visit of state of Pakistan's Prime Minister to Gwadar is illegal and stands against the international laws, because this is the part of Occupied Balochistan and Baloch nation has made this clear that no project is viable in this land without the consent of Baloch nation, that is the reason it took fourteen years to lay the foundation of Gwadar Airport. Hundreds of men's blood were shed and thousands were abducted just for the sake of initiating this project.

He further added, similarly the intrigue of settling millions of people is underway, and Baloch nation would be converted into a minority in their own land and would lose its identity forever.

Gwahram Baloch warned, “All projects in Balochistan, including Gwadar Airport, are on our target; attack on Crush Plant is series of such attacks; therefore we warn all counties, investors, companies, and contractors to refrain from investment under the banner of occupying state of Pakistan, otherwise they would solely be responsible for their losses.