Human rights organizations turning a blind eye to Balochistan. Dr Allah Nazar

Sangar News

The Baloch pro-independence leader Dr. Allah Nazar while commenting on a report regarding the ongoing brutalities of Pakistan in Balochistan said that the level of brutalities is increasing with each passing day. Yet the international organizations are turning a blind eye. One might assume that the human rights organizations have double standards which are resulting in the unimaginable suffering of the Baloch people.

He said that the Pakistani army is abducting Baloch youth, elders, women, and children in broad daylight and putting them into the military camps and torturing them. The Pakistani cruelty has reached to its peaks that in the camps they are making women as sex slaves. Many such cases have taken place but, because of intimidation by the army, the families remain silent. Therefore such cases remain unreported.

Dr. Allah Nazar said that the Baloch genocide is a part of the Pakistani army’s operational policy: abducting people, torturing them to death, dumping their mutilated bodies. And now they abduct and demand ransom in millions and sometimes in billions. The Pakistani army is perpetrating these crimes on a large scale. Despite receiving huge sums of ransom they hand over the dead bodies to the families. Under these circumstances, it has become more difficult for the common masses to talk openly. The UN must send a fact-finding mission so that people would elaborate on these issues freely.
Dr. Allah Nazar has condemned the attack on the Hazara community in Quetta and said for the last two decades where Baloch are facing genocide; in the same fashion, Hazaras are enduring the vindictive policies of Pakistan. Hazara community is not being targeted for being Shias rather being punished belonging to Balochistan. Whereas, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi hails from Punjab where the Shia community lives in a much greater number than of Hazaras. One may easily assume that the sectarianism in Balochistan and increasing religious hatred policies are being formed in the Pakistani GHQ and are implemented on Balochistan through its proxy religious militant organization.

Pakistan's close ally Saudi Arabia, in order to impose its Wahhabism on others, is using the client states like Pakistan to do their bidding by providing the oil and other economic incentives. To get the most benefit out of it, Pakistan is trying to kill two birds with a single stone by killing Hazara Shia as well as weakening the Baloch national struggle and destroying the secular ethos of Balochistan with religious intolerance.

The pro-independence leader said that Pakistan, in order to make Balochistan its laboratory for Islamist extremism and testing its weaponry, it is sponsoring and providing safe havens to Daesh, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Furqan-ul-Islam and many other religious terrorist groups. We have already informed and indicated the presence of Daesh in Balochistan and appealed the world to help us fight them but the world has not responded to it as yet and left Baloch alone on their own. Consequently, the Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies created an all-out humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

However, if this crisis is not taken seriously, it can push entire South Asia into a quagmire and would result in a greater disaster. Because behind all this stands an irresponsible atomic power. Pakistan has already created chaos and mayhem in Afghanistan and neighboring countries with its Jihadist policies and religious extremism.

The world must realize that the atomic weapons of Pakistan can easily slip into the hands of these terrorists whereas Pakistan has already dubbed its nuclear arsenal as “Islamic Bomb”.

Dr. Allah Nazar said if the world wants peace and stability in this region then they should support the Baloch national movement. The silence of UN, world powers, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations on the growing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan is creating problems for the entire region including Baloch nation. There is still time to hold Pakistan accountable; otherwise, they would also be considered Pakistan’s partner in its crimes against humanity.