Atrocities in Awaran are the epitome of Pakistan’s frustration against Baloch national struggle. Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch

Sangar News

Baloch pro-independence leader Dr. Allah Nazar in his new statement said that Pakistan has been suffering defeat on every front against the Baloch national struggle. This is the reason that the occupying state is abducting women and children and even not sparing infants and subjecting them to inhumane treatment. This is the second time that Pakistan Army has illegally and unethically abducted the same elderly man, Abdul Hayee. But, this time he was not alone. In fact, his family members and relatives have also became the victims of Pakistan's barbarity.

Yesterday, Pakistani Army blindfolded Abdul Hayee along with his daughter, Shahnaz, his one year old grandson Farhad, Sanam (daughter of Elahi Bakhsh) and her five years old son Mallen and ten days old infant daughter Mahdem and Nazal (daughter of Mir Darmaan) along with her ten years old son Ajaz and seven years old daughter Durdana were dragged out from their homes and taken to the army's torture chambers.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said that Pakistani brutalities are increasing with each passing day. Human dignity is being trampled upon daily in Balochistan; despite these atrocities, we cannot hear any strong condemnation from the international community. If the world keeps silence on the atrocities of Pakistan, it would be attributed to a chapter of compromising international values in human history. Now the time has come that the United Nations along with international human rights organizations should implement their true role and pay attention to the appalling humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.

He stressed, “Time and again we have warned that the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan is much greater in intensity compared to Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Because, masses are being targeted by some specific groups in those countries, while in Balochistan Pakistani army has established its camps and military checkpoints at every nook and corner of the Balochistan and made lives hell for the people. These camps and check posts are present in residential areas where residents are being mentally and physically tortured because of their identity as Baloch.

Dr. Baloch maintained that this incident of brutality in Peerandar, Awaran is the continuation of attempts to bring Baloch people to their knees and make them surrender their language, culture, and identity. This indeed is the continuation of the policy of collective punishment. But history has proven that Baloch nation cannot be subdued by such mean tactics.

The atrocities on Baloch women and children in Peerandar, Awaran are the epitome of Pakistan’s frustration against Baloch national struggle. Baloch women and children have been enduring physical and mental torture in torture cells of Pakistan Army for a long time; which has further increased Baloch's hatred against Pakistan and strengthened the national struggle. It is in the genes and blood of the Baloch nation to take their revenge that will come with the freedom of Balochistan.