BLA releases message of PC hotel attackers warning China to leave Balochistan

Sangar News

In a video released by Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), attackers could be seen rehearsing the plan of attack in highly sophisticated military gear

 Hakkal—BLA’s media wing— has released a  video where alleged attackers of Gwadar PC hotel could be seen training for their mission. At the end of the video two of the attackers Hammal Fateh Alias Habib and Asad Baloch Alias Mehrab read the final message in English prior to the attack that occurred yesterday on Gwadar’s five star PC hotel, which according to some reports is still underway.

“Baloch youth have time and again warned China to immediately stop its exploitation of Baloch land, but China has failed to take notice of our genuine concerns. China is using Baloch land to further its evil designs and in doing so it is aiding Pakistan to brutally suppress Baloch civilians”, said Hammal Fateh Alias Habib, one of the alleged attackers of PC Hotel, in the video released by BLA.

He further added and criticized China’s landmark project CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) that to complete its project China is aiding Pakistan who in return is suppressing the Baloch population of Gwadar, who do not even have drinking water, and their only source of income is being snatched by this project—CPEC.

“But BLA will not let this continue to happen unnoticed. We the followers of General Aslam Baloch will continue his mission.Majeed Brigade will strike China and Pakistan at every instance possible”, said Asad Baloch Alias Mehrab, another alleged attacker of PC Hotel.

He further added that Pakistan and China would pay for their crimes, Gwadar belongs to Balochs and no world power could use Gwadar for their evil designs against Baloch people’s will. They warned China and Pakistan to leave Balochistan or except more attacks.

The video ended with slogans of “Long Live BLA” and “Long Live Balochistan” chanted by all four attackers holding automatic rifles in their hands.

The bold attack on 5-star PC hotel Gwadar is seen by security analysts as a “striking attack” as BLA was able to penetrate so deeply in a highly militarised zone.