11 persons went Missing From Different Areas of Balochistan

Sangar News

11 people forcibly disappeared by the hands of Pakistani security forces from Gwadar and kech.

According to the sources, on 28’March Pakistani forces conducted an operation in Kashth Kolwah, kech, violent military personnel tortured women and children and Abucted 7 persons namely Cherag S/o Mohammad, Luqman S/o Dad Mohammad, Sageer S/o Dil Murad, Tapu S/o Dil Murad, Majid S/o Shah’Dost, Arif S/o Gazzu, & Wajidad R/o Kulwah and shifted them to military camp.

Meanwhile from Hirronk, kech forces also raided a house and abducted a person namely Ali S/o Hussain R/o Hirronk Kech.

 Pakistani forces raided in Naya’abad an area of Gwadar at late night on 28’May and abducted 3 Baloch Civilians who have identified as Imran S/o Lal Bux, Kamran S/o Lal Bux & Naguman S/o Sabzal.