Suspension of my @Twitter account is inapprehensible. Akhtar Nadeem Baloch

Sangar News

The suspension of social media accounts of Baloch leaders and social activists is frequent. Recently, Twitter suspended the account of Pro Independence Baloch leader Akhtar Nadeem Baloch. In this respect Sangar News’ bureau chief of Quetta contacted him and asked the reason for the suspension of his Twitter account. The pro independent leader Akhtar Nadeem Baloch responsed on question, “Social media is working the given narrative of  Pakistan Army by suppressing our voice. International media is already silent on Balochistan and Baloch issue, now  rest is being done by social media. Suspension of my twitter account is inapprehensible.”
He further added, “Twitter authority in consideration with its business, also to be the voice of the oppressed nations rather than being the representative of terrorist state like Pakistan.”
It is not a hidden secret that Pakistan has imposed a total ban on media. The electronic and print media are working under the instruction of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), and social media is also in the complete control of Pakistan Army and put a ban on freedom of speech and expression.

Sangar publication has received messages from subscribers, those expressed their displeasure over the suspension of Twitter account of Pro Independence Baloch leader Akhtar Nadeem Baloch. They also raised question that how can international organizations such as twitter act like this, where the entire world is talking about freedom of expression and these organizations claim to be the champion of freedom of speech and expression.