Zakir Majeed's enforced disappearance completed its duration of one decade, Bso Azad

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Zakir Majeed Baloch was born on 22nd April 1983 in Gazgi village of Khuzdar city. His father's name is Majeed Baloch. 
Zakir Majeed has done his intermediate in Balochistan Residential College Khuzdar and graduation in B.Sc from Government Degree College Khuzdar. He was the student M.A English at Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Uthal until his incident of enforced disappearance.
Zakir Majeed Baloch played his due role in Baloch student politics in such a crucial time when the state of Pakistan had been implementing on its "Kill-and-Dump" policy where many Baloch political leaders and activists had been the victim of enforced disappearances, target killing and assassination. 
Zakir Majeed played a vital role in spread of political consciousness among the Baluch youth. He was an advocate of universal declaration of human rights. He had always raised voice against the human rights violation committed by Pakistani state in Balochistan.
Zakir Majeed Baloch was elected as central committee member in 2005 and became the senior joint secretary of BSO in its 17th national council session which was conducted in Degree College Shaal (Quetta) in 2006. He was one of the most influential figures of his time in student politics due to his hard work, commitment, clear vision and political mobilization of students and masses. In 2008, the 18th council session of BSO Azad was held in University of Balochistan Shaal (Quetta) where Zakir Majeed was elected as senior vice chairman of BSO Azad. 
Zakir Majeed Baloch was enforcedly disappeared on 8th June 2009 along with two of his friends Waheed Baluch and Basit Baluch. Later Waheed and Basit were released while Zakir Majeed was kept in extrajudicial custody and till today no one has any trace of him.
Waheed Baloch and Basit Baloch are the eye witnesses of this incident. Before the unfortunate incidence of Zakir Majeed’s enforced disappearance, he was arrested two times due to his engagements of conducting protests demonstration and rallies.
From the mountains of Baluchistan to the valleys of Sindh, Zakir Majeed was an inspiration for the youth. He was a brave leader and had firmly stood with his ideology. He devoted his days and nights for the betterment of Baluch society. He publicly criticized the tyrants of Baluch land. State was afraid of this young leader who had influenced the Baluch nation in a very young age. He had not only worked for the awareness of his oppressed nation but also for the Sindhi nation in general and mobilization of the youth in particular. 
Zakir Majeed had described slavery as a curse and had always asked youth to join hands to cut the chains of slavery. He struggled for the national identity and termed it as the solution of all the problems faced by the Baluch nation. 
After the enforced disappearance of Zakir Majeed Baloch, his sister Farzana Majeed Baluch had begun struggle for the release of her brother. Zakir’s family has conducted press conferences, protests, rallies, and the historical long march of nearly 2500 kilometer but all in vain because the Supreme Court of Pakistan along with the commission of missing persons has remained failed to surface and produce Zakir Majeed. His duration of enforced disappearance has become of one decade today.
The family of Zakir Majeed has passed those ten years in deep grief and agony. 
Pakistan has been grossly violating the international laws in Balochistan since its invasion over the Baloch land. Today thousands of innocent Baluch irrespective of gender and age including Zakir Majeed are still in the extrajudicial custody of security establishment of Pakistan. The international community should pressurize Pakistan to release Zakir Majeed Baluch and the enforcedly disappeared Baluch people from all class of life.