The enemies have to face the accountability of Baloch nation. Dr. Allah Nizar


Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch, pro-independent Baloch national leader, in his new statement says “Baloch national struggle is moving in the right direction towards its destination. No doubt victory will be in the side of righteous and truthfulness, for that thousands of Baloch sacrificed their lives. Pakistan Army, its supporters, and proxies have unleashed their atrocities to counter this struggle; hardly one can find a parallel example of such brutalities in the annals of history. More than 40000 Baloch are enforced disappeared, thousands are martyred and millions turned homeless and living a miserable life. In this process of annihilating Baloch nation, along with enemies, some black sheep and snakes in sleeves and fifth columns have orchestrated nasty intrigues against Baloch nation. They must realize the fact that history is so cruel and they must have to pay for their crimes.
He added that in any national movement the presence of traitors and pawns is not a novel thing. The traitors of Baloch national struggle must bear it into minds that what had happened to traitors in the past. The traitors who are helping the enemy must learn that nations can't be annihilated: neither by any group nor by the occupiers and their armies.

Balochistan is not only for the native Baloch but wherever in the world a Baloch lives, this land also belongs to him or her. And every single Baloch knows his or her national responsibility in order to protect the motherland. Some greedy and cheaters for short-term gains standing in the ranks of the enemy and thinking that their privileges are forever.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch warned, ”we make this fairly clear, in this long struggle and sacrifices, those who support the enemy and the occupier will never be spared."

The Baloch leader said, "the way Pakistan used proxies in Bangladesh, today those traitors are facing the tribunal and being hanged for genocide and committing war crimes. Pakistan has set an example by using its paid persons and throwing them away. The position of a paid agent is nothing but to use him and later on, his fortune is of being shamed and dishonored.
Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch stated that Baloch nation is fighting a historic war against Pakistan, in such a state no rational person will support the enemy, but whosoever supports the enemy, is involved in the genocide of the Baloch and war crimes. Surely such persons are lacked in humans consciousness and are equally responsible for one's crime.
Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch made it clear that Baloch national struggle is being fought within the parameters of international laws, on the contrary, their enemy is lacking in such norms. In this scientific and democratic era, every nation deserves to live own way, but the state of Pakistan, its army and intelligence agencies are playing with human dignity. Every pillar and supporter of this state are enemies of the Baloch nation, and if they do not refrain from it they will have to face the accountability of Baloch nation.