One Decade Disappearance of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, BSO Azad

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Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch is son of Qadir Bakhsh. He is a resident of Riki Mashkey District Awaran which is one of the most war affected areas of Balochistan. Dr Deen Mohammad is a medical officer who did his graduation in MBBS from Bolan Medical College Quetta.

Along with being a medical officer Dr Deen Mohammad is also a political leader. He was the Central Committee Member of BNM; The Baloch National Movement. BNM is one of the victims of enforced disappearances in Balochistan. 

The Pakistani state initiated its notorious Kill and Dump policy by dumping the mutilated bodies of BNM Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, another central leader of BNM Lala Munir and the central leader of Baloch Republican Party Sher Mohammad Baloch on 9th April 2009. These leaders were enforcedly disappeared on 3rd April 2009.  

Furthermore the Pakistani Army intensified the acceleration of its policy of enforced disappearance in whole Balochistan in order to counter the Baloch movement and Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch became the victim of this serious state crime and got enforcedly disappeared from Ornach area of Khuzdar at the midnight of 28th June 2009 during his duty at Civil Hospital.

This ugly policy of state has destroyed the collective life of more than forty thousand Baloch families by producing a state of human rights crisis in Balochistan. The implementation of other inhuman counter movement policies of Paksitan made Balochistan as one of the butcher house, test lab for state’s nuclear weapons test and storage and the land which has been exploited politically, economically and socially the most so far.     

Since the very first day, the family of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch began their struggle for the safe recovery of their guardian by registering the FIR of his disappearance at the Ornach Police State. 28th June 2019 marks the completion of ten years of Dr Deen Mohammad’s enforced disappearance.

For last one decade of Dr’s disappearance, his two daughters Sammi and Mehlab Baloch have been struggling for the safe recovery of their father by using all means of justice provision but became failed by the state unfortunately.

Sammi Baloch along her younger sister Mehlab did not accept the disappearance of their father and protested against this criminal act of state in front of Karachi, Quetta and Islamabad press clubs but the Pakistani media sidelined this crucial story by favoring this war crime of state in Balochistan.     

Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch’s family asked the judiciary of state for justice but the Supreme Court of Pakistan also favored this state crime and did not take meaningful measures for Dr’s release including thousands of other Baloch missing persons.

Sammi did not accept defeat and went one step further and joined the historical long march of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons under the leadership of human rights defender Mama Qadeer Baloch. That long march was marched from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi which covered a long distance of more than two thousand and five hundred kilo meters.

That long march was aimed to highlight the serious issue of enforced disappearance to world including Pakistan but Sammi once again faced failure before the state institutions which did not take any notice of this issue despite worsening it further.       

It is a slap on the faces of human rights institution of Pakistan, South Asia and the world including the subsidiary institution of United Nation for human rights which are failed before the state of Pakistan to release Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch who is facing inhuman torture in secret torture cells of Pakistan for last on decade.

The criminal silence of these human rights institutions has further worsened this state of human rights crisis in Balochistan where thousands of families are losing their hope in them. Once again the human rights institutions are humbly requested to pay immediate notice over this human rights crisis at Baloch land and play their due role for the survival of humanity in Balochistan by pressuring state for the safe release of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch and thousands of other Baloch missing persons.
Baloch Students Organization Azad