ICJ decision on Jadhav case proved that Baloch are proxy of none. Dr. Allah Nizar

Sangar News

Pro-Independence Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch while commenting on Khulbushan Jadhav case, said that the decision of International Court of Justice, (ICJ) allowing him consular access and a retrial in a civilian court, makes it pretty clear that Pakistani plans had badly failed in its purpose to abduct Khulbushan Jadhav and pronounce him guilty through military courts. Now, this becomes crystal clear to the world that the ongoing freedom movement of Balochistan is proxy of none; in fact, the indigenous people are fighting this war by the dent of their courage.

Pakistan has trampled all international ethics and morality underneath its feet by imprisoning Khulbushan Jadhav in jail. Pakistan has been keeping the same attitude in Balochistan for the last seventy years. International Court and world powers have to raise their voice against these atrocities promptly.

He said, ”Those who sacrificed their lives in the national liberation struggle of Balochistan are publicly known to everyone and not a single non-Baloch is part of it. The drama of the Khulbushan abduction from Iran was played with a purpose to link our national struggle for freedom in Balochistan with India, and to demonstrate that Baloch national struggle is not indigenous but a proxy war which is handled by the spies of Pakistan's arch-rival. That was not only an insult to the Baloch national struggle, history and the martyrs of the Baloch nation but also was contrary to the international values.

History witnesses that Baloch nation has protected their land all alone; whether it was against the Purtagees or the British. Though being the largest democratic country of the world and as a neighbor, it is the responsibility of India to help us and take action against ongoing atrocities in Balochistan." mentioned Allah Nizar Baloch.
The Baloch leader remarked," Pakistan has digressed from legal norms in Khulbushan Jadhav case. He was denied consular access and was held guilty in its notorious army court and India went to International courts against this decision. While because of this case, India has demonstrated. It is a country that approaches all avenues in its purpose to provide justice to its citizens. India has the capacity to expose the atrocities of Pakistan at every forum of the world. But thousands of Baloch are languishing in Pakistani torture cells and enduring all sort of tortures. Along with India, it is the responsibility of the civilized world to take action against Pakistan's barbarities and like Khulbushan Jadhav case play their due role while providing justice to Baloch people. Because Baloch are living under a colonial rule and they don't have any state representation on the world level."
While commenting on the ban against BLA by the USA he said," USA while imposing a ban on BLA has proven that they are naive to understand the dualistic approach of Pakistan. The USA should reconsider its decision because BLA is struggling within the parameters of International laws and till date neither BLA nor Baloch nation ever did minutely hurt the interests of the United States of America, conversely, Pakistan has been exporting terrorism across the globe. Pakistan is responsible for destroying the peace though wagging proxy wars in Afghanistan and the region. Till today Pakistan is harboring the  same policy."
Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch added," therefore it is essential to support Baloch nation to bring peace in the region. Baloch not only expect help from USA and India but also hope that all civilized countries would support us in these trying times and declare their support to the Baloch national struggle."