Balochistan: Baloch mother dies of delivery complication as military didn’t allow her for treatment

ZARREN BUG –  A young Baloch mother died of maternal complications after the Pakistan army did not let her pass a military check post to go for treatment in Turbat town of Balochistan Tuesday last week.

According to detail 18-year-old pregnant Moona Assa died a tragic death at her home on early hours of Tuesday last week as result of delivery complication when Pakistan Army at Zarren Bug check post didn’t allow her and other members of her family to go to Turbat city to seek maternal Clinic care.

The unfortunate Moona was to travel 120 km to reach to Turbat city from her village Dasht Hor to seek medical care in a private hospital because she was suffering from a premature membranes rupture.

The family member contacted by this ascribe said they pleaded with Pakistan army at Zarren Bug check-post for tow hours that they be allowed to seek medical care but the army adamantly did not allow them to pass through check post and the delivery complication worsened.

Ms Moona and her family was forced to returned back to their village, Dasht Hor, which lacks medical facilities.

She died shortly after reaching home.

On the morning of 6, January, 2016  women from different villages of Dasht sub district gathered at Zarren Bug check post and demanded that Pakistan army must remove its check posts from Dasht areas.

One protester on condition of anonymity said, “This check post has already cost us life of two innocent souls and it is creating further complications for people of the area. We demand from the military to immediately lift this official embargo around Zarren Bug.”

It is worth mentioning here that within 120km vicinity of sub-district Dasht, Kech, there is no maternity clinical facility to help ease the birth complications.

By Archen Baloch