Towns along the CPEC route have been bombed and razed by Pakistani forces.

 BNM central spokesperson said that the Baloch nation does not accept any development schemes imposed on it by the Pakistani state or China. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) and all other pro-freedom parties of Balochistan have struggled for freedom and only freedom. Since 1948, the year Balochistan was occupied by the newly established state of Pakistan, thousands of Baloch men and women have sacrificed their precious lives, martyred or forced into incommunicado and inflicted with severe forms of torture, for the independence of their motherland.

The recent, so called, All Parties Conference (APC) held by the Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a bargain to secure personal benefits at the cost of Baloch resources and national freedom. The APC may be enough to please the Pakistani and Chinese occupiers but it will in no way appease the Baloch nation’s quest for national freedom. China and the world should understand that the Baloch, unlike what BNP-M states, are not concerned about the route of the CPEC or the rights and privileges granted to the provincial government by the Pakistani state but that the Baloch nation continues to fight for its freedom. The Baloch national question has been nourished with the blood of Baloch men, women and children and the Baloch nation, honoring the legacy of its martyrs, will continue to defend its motherland against all occupiers.

The BNM appeals to the United Nations, United States, the International Community, Human Rights Organizations and World Media to intervene and bring an end to Pakistan’s genocidal and ethnic cleansing policies in Occupied Balochistan. The Pakistani state has turned Gwadar into a no-go area for the indigenous population, lands in the town have been allotted to non-Balochs at throwaway prices, towns along the CPEC route have been bombed and razed by Pakistani forces and the local population forcefully evicted. During the week ending January 10, 2016 over fifty Baloch men were abducted from Quetta and three from Sui.