Silence of Human Rights groups on the grave situation, BSO AZAD

The BSO-AZAD central spokesperson strongly condemns the current military operations in Turbat, Chamaalang, Sui, Baarkhan, Geshkor, Kohlwa, Buzdad and other various parts of Balochistan. The Pakistani state military continues to target civilians as they strengthen their forceful occupation. Pakistani state forces have increased their gruesome tactics against the Baloch nation and consider their actions above the law of International human rights Institutions.

BSO-AZAD spokesperson explained how the massive military operations conducted on innocent civilians in Baarkhan, Purom, Buzdad, Awaran, and Kech areas have left people stranded as their properties were burned and destroyed. In Buzdan Awaran area, houses and villages were torched and burned down by the Pakistani state forces once again. Furthermore, many Baloch civilians were abducted from Sui, Chamaalang, Geshkor and Awaran areas of Balochistan.


BSO-AZAD spokesman has expressed that along with the mighty military forces, the state of Pakistan continues to initiate various extremist religious groups in the region. The state of Pakistan intends to intensify the genocide amongst Baloch civilians with the assistance of their own home grown radical Islamic groups. The Baloch nation has always been a secular society but now the state machinery of Pakistan is promoting radicalization among common Baloch people through religious fundamentalists. Their aim is to distract the Baloch people from nationalism and nationalist movements.

Furthermore, the BSO-AZAD spokesperson stated that on one hand, Pakistan aggressively continues the Baloch massacre day by day to sustain the occupation of Balochistan, and on the other hand accomplishing its colonial exploitation ambitions in collaboration with China and other foreign countries. Surely the Baloch population will turn into minority and eventually the Baloch nation who have been living on their land for thousands of years will be evicted completely if these heinous crimes continue with no human rights organizations intervening.

The international media, United Nations and International Human Rights Organizations raise their voices on human rights violations and the atrocities in other parts of the world. However, there is utter silence when it comes to Balochistan. Turning a blind eye from Pakistan’s brutal war crimes and the ongoing genocide of the Baloch nation will raise questions on the neutrality of International institutions.

The Spokesperson stressed that preachers of humanity and human rights leaders who claim the responsibility of implementing human right laws have done nothing to intervene in Balochistan. Continuing their silence over Balochistan’s grave situation is detrimental as they are indirectly supporting Pakistan’s irrational agenda.