The vacuum in Baloch politics cannot be filled after the martyrdom of Dr. Manan Baloch: BSO-AZAD

The BSO-AZAD central Spokesperson announces to support the schedule of protests announced by BNM, after Dr.Mannan Baloch who was Secretary General of Baloch National Movement , along with his other colleagues martyred by Pakistani state forces. The Spokesperson said that Dr. Manan Baloch’s death is a great tragedy for the Baloch national movement. Dr. Manan Baloch’s martyrdom has created a vacuum in politics which cannot be filled.

The BSO-AZAD Spokesperson said that Pakistani state forces conducting target killings and in order to continue their plunder through Sardar Sanaullah Zahri and many other paid agents, who are involved in killing of Baloch national leadership. Moreover, the recent assassination of Dr.Manan Baloch and his colleague political workers is the continuation of policy from Pakistani state forces for silencing the voices. The Spokesperson stated that target killing of Baloch political leadership in hands of Pakistani state forces are not new. Previously also numbers of political activists and leaders have been kidnapped then killed. However, through such brutal target killings of political activists, the Pakistani state miserably failed to silence the Baloch nationalism.

The BSO-AZAD Spokesperson added that occupation state and its agents will have to accept the fact that sooner or later, Dr. Manan Baloch and his great Baloch colleague’s martyrdom and sacrifices will build Iron walls against the Pakistani occupation. The spokesman said by killing of Baloch political workers, the occupying state cannot succeed in their ambition. Because the Baloch martyrs sacrifices have more glorified the freedom movement for common Baloch masses. Baloch people are the inheritors of martyr’s blood and defenders of their mother land from thousands of years. Any occupying power, including the occupied Pakistani forces can never stop their spirit of freedom, selfless commitment and deep rooted attachment for their mother land Balochistan.

The BSO-AZAD Spokesperson passed the Instructions to all zones in Balochistan about the three days shutter down and wheel jam strike called by BNM, starting from January 31st until Fabuary 2nd. All BSO-AZAD activists are requested to participate and make it a successful strike.