Threatening pamphlets were thrown in different schools of Balochistan is a conspiracy by Pakistani state: BsoAzad

The BSO-AZAD central Spokesperson reveals the conspiracy of Pakistani state Institutions that in past days threatening pamphlets were thrown in different schools of Kech Turbat. The Pakistani institution intends to create an atmosphere of fear in educational institutions, In exchange to cover-up and legitimize their recent policy of “Campus force” which is deployment of military forces within the educational institutions.

The spokesperson said that BSO-AZAD has always belonged to Baloch students without any gender discrimination but the Pakistani state aims to defame the organizational structure of BSO-AZAD. The spokesperson further said that in order to achieve such ambitions, the Pakistani state uses BSO-AZAD name while trying to divide Baloch youths on gender basis and also engages in unsuccessful attempts to intimidate them.

The BSO-AZAD spokesperson added that anti education policy from Pakistan state is not new in Balochistan, but even before that many schools and teachers have been the victims of state agencies. After the brutal acts such as threatening of women in Panjgoor, acid thrown attacks on Baloch women, the killing of dozens of teachers and the burning of schools. The Pakistani state continues the same sequence by throwing threatening pamphlets in educational institutions.

Further, the spokesperson clarified that BSO-AZAD has no connections with recent pamphlet thrown in “Kech Grammar School” and some other educational institutions. It has to be considered as utterly ridiculous conspiracy and a plan to keep Baloch youth away from educational activities. Moreover, after building army camps in all government controlled schools, now Pakistani state is active against private sector schools. The BSO-AZAD is a broad minded student organization and its struggle against the conservative colonial traditions are not hidden in Baloch society. In-fact due to these activities, the Pakistan state has already banned the BSO-AZAD without prejudice. Therefore, now the state of Pakistan fabricating such tactics like targeting on the BSO-AZAD’s core organizational values and planning to handover all educational institutions in custody of army.

The Spokesperson urged to all heads of educational institutions across the Balochistan that to be alert about such tactics in the name of campus forces and raise their voices along-with BSO-AZAD against the possible deployment of military within educational institutions. Because the main aim of Pakistan state is to keep Baloch youth away from education and cleansing of educated intellectual Baloch youths through abductions and genocide. The spokesperson said, BSO-AZAD will strongly protest against the deployment of military forces in education institutions in the name of campus force and will defend the basic rights of education for Baloch youth. Because the aim for deployment of military forces within the educational institution is to deprive Baloch youths from their basic rights of education.

The BSO-AZAD spokesperson appealed to Baloch nation for the success of strike, called against the assassination of Dr. Mannan Baloch and his colleagues. Spokesperson stressed that Dr. Mannan Baloch was not only the leader of BNM, although he was very true leader for entire Baloch national freedom movement. Dr. Mannan Baloch’s martyrdom is a huge lose for Baloch nation. Therefore, BSO-AZAD urges Baloch nation to show solidarity in three days shutter down and wheel jam strike called by BNM, starting from January 31st until February 2nd, and prove the high spirit of Baloch nationalism.