Human Rights Organizations to take notice of enforced disappearances of Baloch political activists

Occupied Balochistan located in the centre of South Asia, Central Asia and Middles East is a land where Pakistani state is involved in extrajudicial executions, torture, displacement, Kidnapping and massacre of Baloch people since 27th March 1948 when Pakistan forcibly occupied the sovereign state of Balochistan. Since 1948 the people of Balochistan have made five attempts to regain their independence but Pakistani state with help of fundamentalist state of Iran and others crush all the five movements using disproportionate and indiscriminate force.  The current freedom movement against Pakistan is considerably more widespread, stable and stronger than the past attempts of freedom movement. The current phase of ongoing Baloch freedom movement started in late 2000 and it has the support of Baloch masses from across Balochistan. The current movement has a powerful political command all over Balochistan and has established stronger Baloch communities in many countries of world to support and promote the Baloch cause.

Despite being one of the world richest lands, Balochistan is amongst poorest nations on earth. This sentence contains question marks, therefore, Instead of citing the abysmal social indicators of our society; let us ask the fundamental questions that might help us to reach to a conclusion about the future of Baloch nation with Pakistan. In first place, Why Pakistan kept and contained Baloch in abject poverty despite being the owners of one of the richest lands on earth? Why Baloch should be on perpetual struggle for rights when Pakistan says they’re a part of Pakistan? Now that Pakistan has pushed us to the point of Survival Struggle, let alone the struggle for our rights, the best option for us, instead of perpetual struggle for rights, is to restore our sovereignty which we lost in 1948. If depriving someone of one’s rights is a crime, then Pakistani state has been committing this to Baloch nation since 1948 to date.


Pakistan government and army often try to mislead the world that Pakistan suffered in a greater scale after the 9/11 terror attacks by helping NATO and America in the war on terror but people asks today if really Pakistan was effected then why there is no losses of lives in Panjab where approximately 5000 Madrassas are situated. It is obvious that Panjabi Tehrik-e-Taliban’s base camps, training centers and recruitment franchise are located in Panjab province. Intellectuals believe that the war on terror was a very profitable business for Pakistan army where ISI and army are playing a dual rule to misguide the world by fake operations but actually they have been nurturing the terror groups to spread terror across the globe and destabilize, Afghanistan, India and defeat NATO troops by signing the Mega projects like Gawadar Corridor with China. Pakistan army, ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) and MI (Military Intelligence) have cleverly involved Baloch and Sindhis political parties in their dirty war . The real victims of war on terror are Baloch and Sindhis nations because all the support that Pakistan received from the Western World in the name of war on terror, have mostly been used against innocent Baloch and Sindhis. The Sindhi nation is facing same genocide like Balochs.  In past 15 years Pakistan army abducted and disappeared more than 20,000 Baloch activists, killed more than 10,000 and displaced hundreds of thousands of Baloch from their native towns and villages. The methods that Pakistan use to eliminate pro-freedom Baloch activists includes the infamous kill and dump policy of state and the target killing of most educated and politically active members of Baloch society.  In January 2014, at least 169 human remain were found from a mass grave in Tutak area of Khuzdar Balochistan.  Moreover, the Pakistani army indiscriminately uses gunship helicopters and fighter jets of PAF (Pakistan Air Forces) to bomb Baloch civilian populations killing hundreds of people, thousands of livestock and burning peoples’ houses and standing crops. On several occasions, Pakistani forces used chemical substances against Baloch people and poisoned the only sources of water in Balochistan to kill people and their livestock. Since the illegal occupation of Balochistan Pakistan has been using different tactics to counter the Baloch movement 

 On 28 Jan 2016 Pakistani forces raided the house of BRP central committee member Nazeer Jamaldini and abducted him along with his friend. On 30 Jan 2016 Pakistani forces conducted a military operation in Mastung. Baloch political leader, Dr. Manan Baloch of BNM along with his five companions assassinated in Killi Dattu area of Mastung. Pakistan army has completely suffocated the media and news channels by preventing them from reporting the state crimes in Balochistan.  The international media and journalists are banned from visiting Balochistan since 2006 because Pakistan considers coverage human right violations in Balochistan by international media as a threat to its ‘national interest’.  That is why the international media heavily depends on Pakistan media reports, which only follows the state’s narrative and ignores the state atrocities against Baloch people. The Pakistan state narrative is to downplay the state atrocities and human rights violations against Baloch people. Baloch social activists run campaigns on twitter, Facebook using the hashtag # to spread awareness about Pakistani army’s crimes in Balochistan.


I urge to Human Rights Organizations to take notice of enforced disappearances of Baloch political activists Human rights groups, international media and NGOs should play their role in highlighting the Baloch genocide by the Pakistani forces and help raise awareness about the secular movement.


Ashraf Sherjan


Representative Of Baloch Republican Party In Germany