Doctor Mannan, an exceptional statesman and a torchbearer of nonviolent struggle, murdered by Pakistan. BNM

London, BNM UK recorded its protest against Pakistan’s massacre of Doctor Mannan and his companions Ashraf Baloch, Babu Nauroz, Hanif Baloch, Sajid Baloch and Pakistan’s continuing human rights violations in Occupied Balochistan. A memorandum regarding the political assassination and Pakistan’s war crimes in Occupied Balochistan was presented to the British Prime Minister’s Office. The protest was attended by human rights activists and members of the British Baloch Community. BNM Australia recorded its protest outside the Australian Parliament in Melbourne and distributed pamphlets communicating Pakistan’s crimes against humanity in Occupied Balochistan. BNM Australia submitted copies of a detailed report on the massacre of Doctor Mannan and his comrades and the human rights violations being committed by the Pakistani state against the Baloch Nation to the Australian Parliament, Australian News Media, Human Rights Organizations and other Non-government Organizations. In Occupied Balochistan the Baloch Nation continued to mourn the martyrdom of BNM Secretary General Doctor Mannan Baloch and his comrades, at the hands of the Pakistani military, for a seventh day now. Rally and rotests were observed in the towns of Kech Dandaar, Sikag, Bilor, Band Mulk, Maad Kalat, Gishkor Seher, and Hor. The apathy demonstrated by Pakistani human rights organizations, activists, media, parliamentarian parties and civil society, with the exception of HRCP- Mekran, on the political assassination of Doctor Mannan, an exceptional statesman and a torchbearer of nonviolent struggle, on accusations of terrorism is flabbergasting. The BNM denounces the "Human Rights Society of Pakistan" for awarding Doctor Malik Baloch, the Islamabad installed ex-Chief Minister of Balochistan, for his services to humanity. It must be remembered that it was during Doctor Malik’s period in office that there was a surge in abduct and kill operations, over ten thousand Baloch political activists and sympathizers were abducted and hundreds of mutilated corpses of missing Baloch persons were recovered. The Tootak mass graves were also discovered during Doctor Malik’s time in office. If there is one thing that Doctor Malik and the Pakistani Army deserve being awarded is the punishment for the crimes against humanity they have committed in Occupied Balochistan. In Gomazi, Pakistani gunship helicopters shelled the local population resulting in the death of one child. Several Baloch men have also been reported abducted. This latest operation follows the Pakistani Prime Minister and Army Chief’s visit of Occupied Balochistan for observing the progress of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC. The Pakistani state is deceiving the International Community by trying to depict a picture of developing Balochistan whereas the Baloch nation is being subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide with thousands of families displaced, individuals missing or killed and the Baloch Nation’s rights over its resources and land being further usurped by the Pakistan; the claim can be no farther than the truth. On the eve of February 4, 2016 the Pakistani army abducted Alam son of Qadir, Razak Son of Ali, Gohram son of Akhtar from Rahojo, Mashkay. All three abductees are innocent.