Balochistan: Several abducted in Sibbi and Awaran military offensives


QUETTA: Many Baloch civilians have been abducted from different regions of Sibbi and Awaran Balochistan during continuous military offensives of Pakistani forces.

According to details Pakistan Para-military (FC) and security agencies have been carrying out indiscriminate military attacks on civilian populations in Sibbi and Bolan Balochistan from past five days.

The most effect areas include Harnai, Marwar, Peer Ismail, Sangaan, Jaladi, Babar Kach where the Pakistan forces have burned villages and several houses.

At least 20 people have been abducted during these offensives and also scores of innocent people including women and children have reportedly been wounded and killed due to Pakistani forces air strikes.

Yesterday, the Pakistani media cited Sarfaraz Bugti, Balochistan Home Minister, as saying that forces killed at least ten people including an important commander a pro-liberation resistance organisation and arrested 12 others during military attacks.

Local sources and Baloch social media users, however, reported that military carried out attacks against Non-combatants causing heaving damages to property and loss of lives.

Although its feared that many innocent people lost their lives due to Pakistani military attacks on their villages but exact number of casualties could not be ascertained due lack of communication and the affected areas still being under military siege.

Separately, Pakistani forces have also been conducting military attacks in many areas of Awaran Balochistan from past 10 days.

Balochistan online media sources reported that at least eight people including a child were abducted from Sari Bazadad Awaran yesterday evening.

Meanwhile military were also seen advancing toward Kishkor after setting several houses on fire in Malaar, Machi areas of Awaran.

Saturday evening Pakistani forces burned many houses in Gwash, Neeltaaki, Gandkaor, Ladh, Regaiti and Surag Bazar.