BSO-AZAD announces a protest rally in Karachi, on 21 February, against the murder of Dr. Manan Baloch and his colleagues

The BSO-AZAD central spokesperson announces a massive protest rally in Karachi, on 21 February, against the murder of Dr. Manan Baloch and his colleagues, and the ongoing military operations in Balochistan. The Spokesperson said that the killing of Baloch political leaders and other innocent people is a continuation of state policy to suppress the political voice of the Baloch people.

The BSO-AZAD spokesperson further added that Dr. Manan Baloch’s martyrdom and others are considered as great success by the puppet government, which is absolute astonishing and against the political ethics. Because to target the political leaders by entering into their houses and projecting it in media that they were militants, itself a reflection of the State’s false and fabricated claims that frequently attempts to hide the importance and reality of the Baloch issue. The Pakistani media and all other organizations are well aware of the situation in Balochistan, and they are well known about the fact that Dr. Manan Baloch was a prominent political figure in Balochistan, who was killed by military forces by claiming it encounter. Moreover, the kidnapping and killing of Dr. Manan, other political leaders, and activists, is a clear message by occupying state to the world that they can do anything with the oppressed Baloch on the basis of their power.

The BSO-AZAD spokesperson said that Dr. Manan Baloch’s murder was not the first incident, but before also the kidnapping and martyrdom of Raza Jahangir, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, and other political leaders, including Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed and Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch have occurred at the hands of occupying state security forces. The use of state’s brutal power against the political activists and people is becoming more severe with each passing day.

The Spokesperson further said that during past few days forces has carried out military operations in different areas of Balochistan, including Awaraan, Kohlu, Sibbi, are still ongoing. Resulting, number of people have been missing after the arrests, with dozens of villages completely disappeared from the surface of earth. While on other side, numerous victims’ bodies have been recovered and several people were killed last year in July, because of the more than a month siege and operation in different areas of Awaraan. The number of people killed after the abductions and then forces had buried their bodies. A body which was recovered yesterday, is in unrecognizable condition.

The BSO-AZAD Spokesperson expressed that such tragic events have created humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. Hence, the civil society organizations, the Baloch people, students, businessmen, progressive organizations and independent media outlets should participate in BSO-AZAD’s protest rally on 21st February, by considering it as a duty of humanity.