Bullet ridden bodies of 4 abducted Baloch found

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani security forces have dumped tortured and bulled-ridden bodies of four previously abducted Baloch in different area of Balochistan in past two days.

According to details Pakistani forces opened sudden firing at Churi Churi region of Mashkay on 16 May 2016 and dumped two dead bodies in the region before going back to their base.

The local sources told  that sudden firing was part of forces’ latest staged encounters where they dump dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch and claim that they killed insurgents in a gun battle.

The dead bodies of the victims have been identified as that of Mujahid a resident of Shariki Mashkay Balochistan and Sarwar son of Haso resident of Kalaar Kach region. Both victims were abducted on 27 February, 2016 from Mashky area of Balochistan.

Separately, another two dead bodies of missing persons were found in Awaran Balochistan on 17 May 2016. The identity of the corpses was ascertained as that of Abdul Samad son of Suleman and Ashraf son of Yar Mohammad.

The victims were abducted from their homes by Pakistani forces last year. Abdul Samad was abducted on 11 September, 2015 whereas Ashraf was abducted on 2ndOctober, 2015.

Meanwhile sources reported that Pakistani forces have been conducting brutal military attacks and search operations in different areas of Tump Balochistan.

“Military and FC are conducting intensive attacks in Kulbar region of Turbat where firing is taking place from both sides. It is probably the Baloch Sarmachaar – freedom fighters – who have come to the aid of local population being attacked by Pakistan forces,” a local resident told  on conditions of anonymity.

The Pakistan forces have sealed the entrance and exit routes to the operation effected areas making it impossible for local to take the injured persons to hospital. The communication system has also reportedly been disconnected in the region.

Local sources, however, confirmed that Pakistani forces set house of Anwar Baloch on fire. Mr Baloch himself is already in the custody of Pakistani forces.

Baloch pro-freedom political leaders and parties says that Pakistani forces have lately intensify their attacks in different areas of Balochistan in their effort to appease China and pave way to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Baloch pro-freedom armed organisations, on the other hand, are adamant to resist what they call the exploitation of Baloch resources and China-Pakistan nexus to intensify the ‘Baloch Genocide’.