Crime against humanity: Deportation and forceful transfer of population..Kachkol Ali

Crime against humanity: Deportation and forceful transfer of population.


       The honorable High Commissioner of United Nation Prince Zeid bin Ra´ad.

Crime against humanity: Deportation and forceful transfer of population.


Respected Sir,


I would like to invite your kind attention towards Pakistan security forces that have been seriously committing with mens rea as part of a widespread or systematic attack directly against baloch innocent civilian population. . It would be worthwhile to mention here that the Pakistan security forces are flouting the following elements of crimes against humanity, which are listed in Article 7 of Rome Statute since 2005 up to now.  In the context of armed conflict occurred in period from 15 March ?2005 to 13 June 2016 in balochistan and there is also cogent and reasonable basis to believe that crime against ?humanity of murder article 7 (1)(a) deportation or forcible transfer of population (article 7(1)(d) persecution ?against ethnic group. article (7)(1)(h) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of ?fundamental rules of international law  (7)(1)(e) Enforced disappearance of persons7 (1)(i).


Pakistani security forces on the pretext of Gawadar to China road network construction is forcefully subjected to mass deportation of the indigenous baloch people from their native towns and villages on 13.06.2016. Probably hundreds and thousand souls including children and women have fled to Karachi, and Hyderabad in Pakistan and Pishn and Chahbahar in Iran respectively. They are facing a miserable life there. It would be pertinent to mention here that almost half million baloch have been deported and fled from their native towns and villages in various occasion in different District of Balochistan namely Dera Bugti, Kolu ,Awarn Keach and so on. We have informed and approached repeatedly all responsible quarters, institutions UNO, and Human Rights Organizations but they did not took cognizance and their silence of encouraged Pakistani forces, therefore, willful killing, liquidation, enforced disappearance, maiming, arbitrary detention and torture are order of the day in balochistan.  



Recently an extreme operation is being carried out across balochistan, especially in Zarrin Bog, Dasht of district Kech, the inhabitants of its following towns and villages were subjects of mass deportations from Zarrin Bog, Sohrab, Bal and Kolaach and while conducting the operation, many innocent people were disappeared, persecuted, tortured and maimed, who have been interned on suspicion of involvement in resistance movement. This behavior is flouting of IV rule for the protection of civilian persons in the time of war, The Geneva Convention secures treatment for persons in occupied territories. For the purpose of perusal the link of Dawn news is mentioned below.


Kachkol Ali

Human rights defender Baloch National Movement.



It is therefore requested to end the impunity of never-ending atrocity of Pakistan security forces in balochistan and to prevent further humanitarian catastrophe.


Copies are sent to:

1.    Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

2.    International Amnesty Norway.

3.    Norwegian Human rights foundation.

4.    Human rights first.

5.    Human rights house.

6.    International human rights

7.    UNPO

8.    International Jurist Commission.

9.    Sangar Daily.

10. Oslo freedom forum.

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