Pakistan Army Publicly Executes Five Baloch in their Custody


Sangar News, Mashkay, Balochistan: Pakistan army murdered five Baloch in its custody in cold blood in Mashkay.  According to reliable sources Pakistan army on Monday, 20 June 2016 publicly executed five Baloch prisoners in its custody outside its camp in Gajjar, Mashkay, district Awaran, Balochistan.

News published in Pakistani media (Daily Times) quoting Pakistani army sources stating “Security forces gunned down five suspected terrorists in Balochistan.” It further said, “Forces also seized heavy cache of arms, explosives, laptops and ‘prohibited literature’ during the operation that was carried out on a tip off.”

Eye witnesses to the barbaric incidence said Pakistan army made the five captives stand in line on the road in front of the army camp at Gajjar which is a union council of Tehsil Mashkai in District Awaran and shot them in execution style in cold blood..

Identities of the victims are as follows:

Eye witnesses reported that members belonging to the local death squad of Sardar Ali Haider Mohammadhassani were present on site when the Pakistan army soldiers shot and killed the unarmed civilians in their custody.

When the civilian authority of the (town) Tehsil tried to collect the dead bodies the army stopped them from doing so.  Until filing of this report the bodies of the victims were lying on the road side.