Enforced disappearance ,BNM

      The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid bin Ra´ad.
Enforced disappearance 
Respected Sir,
                       I would like to invite your kind attention in respect of enforced disappearance of Baloch people. Approximately 20,000 baloch innocent people including lawyers, teachers, doctors, students, singers and poets are being enforced disappeared by the security forces across Baluchistan. One of them is Dr Din Muhammad baloch who was a central leader of baloch national movement as well as professional doctor who was posted to Urnach, district Khuzdar of Baluchistan, he was forcefully kidnapped on 28th June 2009 some men entered his residence and tied his peon with rope. He was beaten by the security forces  and then taken away in their armed vehicles. Sami, his daughter walked 2500 km  from Quetta to Islamabad with voice of Baloch missing person long march 2014. 
Pakistan being a member of UN, not considering the obligation under the Charter of United Nation to promote universal respect for observance of human rights and fundamental freedom. Rather, Pakistan is grossly violating international human rights law and seriously flouting the international humanitarian law, other relevant international instruments in the field of human rights and humanitarian law and international criminal law. Baloch are being subjected to extreme enforced disappearance since 2009 when the security forces  on gun-point kidnapped my three clients from my law chamber. 
 Up to now, there has been a regular campaign of enforced disappearance of baloch people, the Supreme Court of Pakistan in this spirit also categorically warned and ordered the security forces to stop the enforced disappearances, but the omnipotent security forces didn’t bother the orders and observations of the Supreme Court. It would be pertinent to mention here that in a conference on the day of missing persons on 30th August 2013, the international commission of jurist and human rights watch urged the Pakistan government to affirm its commitment for ending enforced disappearance by ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons. In this regard said Ali Dayan Hasan, the Pakistan director at human rights watch “ the government would send a clear political message that it is serious about ending disappearance and would show its commitment to ensuring justice for serious human rights violation”. Despite of civil society actors along with United Nation Partner Organisation are emphasising the Pakistan government to ratify the International Convention  for Protection of All Person from Enforced Disappearance and to ensure and legislate the convention in its criminal administration of judicial system, so that the perpetrators are brought to justice and be accountable. Since Pakistan is a security state and all the apparatus of the administration including all the organs of states do not dare to legislate. But, on the contrary, the widespread are systematic practice of enforced disappearance of lawyers, teachers, doctors, students, singers and poets is still executively carried out, which constitutes the elements of crime against humanity as incorporated in Article 5 of  Rome Statute. 
It is therefore requested that the Pakistan government may be directed to release the victims of enforced disappearance and further, government of Pakistan to be instructed to ratify and legislate the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and to especially release Dr. Din Muhammad.

Baloch National Movement.   

Copies are sent to:
1.    Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.
2.    International Amnesty Norway.
3.    Norwegian Human rights foundation.
4.    Human rights first.
5.    Human rights house.
6.    International human rights
7.    UNPO
8.    International Jurist Commission.
9.    Sangar Daily.
10. Oslo freedom forum.
11. Asian human rights commission.
12. Pakistan Commission of Human rights.