Sangar Media Group is blocked after Pakistan army cyber attacks

 The active media group Sangar Media Group is attacked and blocked by Pakistan army hackers because of exposing the real situation in Balochistan and war crimes committed by Pakistan army and civil government.



(Sunday), and are shut down due cyber attacks. Sangar began its struggle through a Book Series to form an independent media in Balochistan. Sympathies by Baloch nation and hard work by colleagues made us able to achieve this goal in a very short period of time. So we provided Baloch people an independent media in the form of Daily Sangar, Monthly Sangat, Sangar Publications and Radio Sangar. In this journey the Baloch voice is reached to all parts of the world. Kill and Dump, abduction of Baloch women and children and recovery of mutilated dead bodies of missing persons were highlighted by Sangar Media Group in a good way. In last three years Pakistan is busy to jam Sangar Media Groups publications, sometimes Monthly Sangar Magazine is stopped by printing and distribution but every time Sangar team spoiled their efforts and continued its journey. Now our Urdu website and English website are closed by an effective cyber attack, so our readers are facing difficulties to access the news. Technical experts of Sangar Media Group are working on it and hopefully it will be restored soon. Currently we facilitate our readers in Facebook page and Twitter @DailySangar.