BLF claims targeting a military vehicle in Gwadar

Quetta: Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson Gwahram Baloch claimed targeting Pakistani forces in a remote-controlled bomb blast around Bakhshi Hotel in Gwadar on Wednesday 20 July, 2016.
The vehicle was partially damaged in the attack killing and injuring Pakistani army personnel on it.

He further warned that BLF would continue attacking the occupant forces to protect Baloch coast and resources. He warned Pakistan and all other countries involved in looting and plundering of Baloch national resources to avoid any type of investment in Balochistan without the will and consent of Baloch nation.
He added that Pakistan had speeded up the process of genocide in Balochistan after it had signed CPEC agreements with China. "To make the CPEC dream a  reality, Pakistani state is bent upon eliminating Baloch populace habituated where the route passes through by bombarding on civilians to force them to leave the areas. Despite all of these brutalities of Pakistani state, Baloch people have vowed not to allow projects which are tool of settling millions of non-Baloch to turn us into a minority on our ancestral land, and are genocidal in nature.