Pakistani intelligence agencies abduct Baloch social activist

Sangar news:

KARACHI: Unknown masked men have offloaded Comrade Wahid Baloch and his friend from a passenger bus enroute to Karachi from Omarkot on Tuesday, 26 July.

According socail  media plain-clothed men in an official car of Pakistani forces stopped Wahid Baloch and his friend Sabir Naguman at Toll Plaza Karachi on Tuesday afternoon. “They offloaded Mr Baloch and Mr Naguman from the passenger bus after checking their NIC (National Identity Card).”

Sabir Naguman has been released later but Mr Wahid Baloch was still missing until the filing of this report.

Wahid Baloch is the incharge of famous Sayyad Hashumi reference library in Karachi and the editor of ‘Labzaank’ which mean literature, magazine.

The founder of Sayyad Hashumi library professor Sabah Dashtyar was murdered by Pakistani security agencies in Quetta in June 2011.

In a separate but similar offensive the Pakistan forces attacked the house of Baloch poet Mr Younas Kolanchi in Nalent area of Turbat Balochistan.

daily sangar news reported that the FC (Frontier Constabulary) attacked Mr Kolanchi’s house on early hours of Tuesday morning and harassed women and children.

The forces left after threatening children of Baloch poet and smashing the household stuff.