Two Baloch activists flew back from Germany and went missing from Karachi airport

Naim s/o Haji Chakar Baloch and Qabus s/o Abdul Karim,  residents of Dalsar Mand, District Kech, Balochistan have been very low profile political activists, who have not been managing public demonstrations but they participated actively in demonstrations.

When they saw Pakistan Military surrounding villages, burning houses and whisking away the least supporters of demonstrations against illegal detention and extrajudicial killing of political workers, both in a state of fear left their homes together. They reached Germany via Turkey in November 2015.

By knowing the fact that the families of the asylum seekers fall in danger if a political activist lives in exile, they both decided to go back home. German authorities sent them back (on their own wish) on May 14, 2016 at around 16:30 German time.

Their relatives went to receive them and kept waiting outside Karachi Airport’s Jinnah Terminal for hours. Assuming a delay at the airport as they were coming from Europe and the officials would definitely let them leave only after receiving whatever money and other valuables they had with them. Families paid 70,000 Rupees to one of official, who promised to let them out. But they never came out. And the Airport authorities denied their arrival after hours.

Naim and Qabus are missing since then and the families have no information about them.