It is now impossible to trap the Baloch again in the shackles of Pakistani slavery. Khalil Baloch

The central chairperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) Khalil Baloch responding to Brahamdagh Bugti’s press statement said that Brahamdagh should be explaining, to the Baloch nation, his defection from the freedom movement rather than falsely accusing those fighting for an independent Balochistan. His comments are a face saving attempt.

The chairperson said that on the one hand Brahamdagh Bugti is falsely alleging pro-freedom institutions of being in talks with the Pakistani state and on the other hand he is issuing unity ultimatums to pro-freedom parties. Chairman Khalil expressed his concerns regarding Brahamdagh Bugti stressing for unity following backdoor negotiations with the Pakistani state.  

The chairperson said that the Baloch National Front (BNF) is an outcome of the BNM’s efforts for a united front for the Baloch cause. He said that the BNM does not compromise on matters of principle nor does it adapt shortsighted policies detrimental to the freedom movement, leaving the nation in a new divide. Mr. Baloch said that a united front can only be formed in accordance with revolutionary values and needs and as far as the demand for a unity, the BNM stays committed to a united front. It was the results if efforts of the BNM’s founder, the martyr Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and Sangath Sana Baloch and others that the BNF was formed. The chairperson questioning the sincerity of Brahamdagh’s commitment to a united front referring to a draft circulated in 2014, inviting the BRP and other nationalist parties for a union, said that BRP never responded to the proposal. Brahamdagh Bugti’s allegations against the BNM and Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) are neither plausible nor can they ever be proven as true. The chairperson said that he could not discern why a pro-freedom party would abandon its peers for criticizing the Balochistan National Party (BNP), a pro-Pakistan party. The chairperson said that Brahamdagh Bugti cannot justify his betrayal of the cause nor will his accusations will affect the course of history.


For as long as the 2010 statement regarding Hayrbyar Marri is concerned it was issued, irresponsibly, by an ally member of BNF, the Baloch Rights Council, who was expelled from the alliance for his irresponsible actions. ?


The chairperson said that the BNM has adapted a clear policy for national unity. Hayrbyar Marri and his colleagues had expressed desire to be foreign representative of BNF, so I requested him to join any organization in the alliance, which was turned down. The BNF cannot allow non-members groups and or individuals to become their representative.

The chairman said that such false accusations are an attempt to divert attention from the BRP’s secret negotiations with the Pakistani state. The chairperson further said that the love and respect that the Baloch nation gave Brahamdagh was only because of his affiliation to the Baloch cause, there is no space for individuals in freedom movements.


Today the Baloch nation has developed a rich culture of patriotism, its activists are determined and dedicated and only a defeatist mentality gives up at such a time and resorts to false allegations to mislead the people to save his reputation.

One of Brahamdagh’s allegations against the BNF is that we did not respect the mandate of the majority at the Geneva meeting, my question is that can we consider some individuals a majority. Groups and individuals like BRSO and Bakhtiar Domki can be considered a party?

The Baloch movement is going through a critical phase, it has come this far with the sacrifices only after the sacrifices of thousands of Baloch revolutionaries, that include among the ranks of martyrs, the likes of Akbar Bugti, Balach Marri, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Sado Marri and Doctor Khalid Baloch. The Baloch nation is fighting for its very existence and the same people that are responsible for creating the divide, between pro-freedom parties, are calling for unity only because they can see an opportunity to capitalize.

The Baloch have a long and illustrious history of sacrifice for their motherland, it is now impossible to trap the Baloch again in the shackles of Pakistani slavery. While Pakistan is carrying out genocide of the Baloch and there is direct Chinese involvement in Balochistan, negotiations are nothing but an attempt to facilitate the enemy. Baloch intellectuals and activists should asses Brahamdagh’s statement and understand his shenanigans. The BNM is committed to an independent Balochistan and will only negotiate if guaranteed by the UN not on the demand of some Pakistani general.