More than 28 people killed & 57abducted during DeraBugti Operation

(Sangar News)

Military operation in different areas of Sui and Dera Bugti. More than 28 people killed and up to 57 have been abducted.

According to details, Pakistani military forces are conducting operations in different areas of Sui and Dera Bugti from past three consecutive days.

The areas remaining under army siege includes Suri, Takrov, Siyah Tang, Pashini, Langovi, Darengan, Sharidarbar, Uch and other areas of Sui and Dera Bugti.

Meanwhile, many houses of innocent Baloch civilians including those of Tallah Bugti, Shadi Bugti, Mochi Bugti, Hayat Khan Bugti & Waziro Bugti in Bijar Otagh and other areas of Dera Bugti.

It is also reported that 28 people including two children and a woman have been killed, of which 20 have been identified as Sarang Marri, Abdul Rehman Marri, Zaman khan Marri, Mubarak Marri, Guaru s/o Chilav Bugti, Lalain w/o Guaru Bugti, Shani d/o Guaru Bugti, Zenat d/o Guaru Bugti, Nana s/o Shah Mohd Bugti, Dazo s/o Lal Mohd Bugti, Sami w/o Dazo Bugti, Karam Khan s/o Zahro Bugti, Nazi d/o Zahro Bugti, Gul Khan Bugti, Shahmurad Bugti, Hamal s/o Ghulam Nabi Bugti, 7 year old, Faraz s/o Hamal Bugti, Abdul Rahaman Bugti, Siddiq s/o Abdul Rahman Bugti, Atta ur Rehman Bugti, and 57 people abducted during three days military operation.

Five dead bodies were later handed over by the army to the Sui Police, suspected to be among the 57 abducted persons.