Pakistani army backed jihadists set on fire several shrines in Panjgur

Panjgur: Pakistani army backed jihadi goons set on fire several shrines belonged to Zikiri community in Panjgur on Tuesday.

According to details, dozens of assailants, armed with heavy advanced weapons, riding SUVs went on a rampage through Askan Cheb, Drakop, and Damali villages of Gichk in Panjgur district and set on fire of the shrines of Sayad Essa Peer, Sayad Yousuf Peer, Sayad Haji Peer, and Sayad Kamalan Peer in broad daylight of Tuesday's morning. The assailants were raising ISIS black flags and they headed towards an army camp after carrying out the rapmge.

" Gichk is a heavy militarized area, there are check posts and camps everywhere and everyone who enters the town get checked. How this large number of attackers managed to enter the town and carry out this rampage successfully without being noticed? Without the blessing of the security forces, this absolutely cannot be done." An angry local of Gichk told Sangar.

Lashkar-e-Khurasan, a splinter group of ISIS is believed to be behind this rampage. The group is held responsible for several deadly attacks on Zikiri community including the brutal massacre of six Zikiri worshippers in Awaran in August 2014.