China supports Pakistan in mass killings of Balochis: Baloch National Movement

The China-Pakistan Corridor Project (CPEC) is a "militarised project" and Beijing is Pakistan's strategic partner that is supporting the country in mass killings of the Balochi people, Baloch National Movement (BNM), a Baloch nationalist political organisation, has accused. 

"China is Pakistan's strategic partner in the economic plundering and mass murder of Baloch civilians particularly in the coastal belt of the Makran region of Balochistan. The deep sea port of Gwadar has been sold to China for military buildup and expansion into the Arabian Sea,"  read an official statement by the organisation, according to Indian news agency ANI.
The statement was issued regarding the joint protest of Baloch and Sindhi activists held outside the United Nations to condemn the Pakistani atrocities and the 'ongoing military operations' in Sindh and Balochistan.
Calling the  47 billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a "death trap" for the Balochis in the name of development , the official statement further said: "An estimated 300,000 Baloch tribal and coastal population has been forced out of their ancestral lands and fishing villages to make room for the Chinese and their security establishment.”

The statement further underlined the plight of the Balochis, many of whom have been tortured and executed in custody in thousands. More than 20,000 political activists had gone missing by being illegally abducted by the Pakistani state security forces, the statement said. Activists have called out to the US and the international communities to help them establish peace and justice. 

BNM activist Nabi Baksh has also lashed out at Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, saying that he is merely a “puppet” of the army, 
"We don't expect anything from Nawaz Sharif, he is a mere puppet, and the army is ruling the country. They do not have a democratic government in Pakistan," Baksh, deputy convener of the BNM, North America, told ANI.
Party's activists alleged that it was Pakistan that carried out the attack on the Indian military camp at Uri in Kashmir Valley which killed 18 Indian jawans.