Pakistani media must not distort facts. Balochistan Liberation Front

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Gohram Baloch said that on 9 October 2016 Pakistani newspaper DAWN reported the killing of a traitor named Akhtar from Baalgatar District Kech, who was working as an informer on state payroll against the Baloch national movement. In this report DAWN conspicuously attempted to compare his death to the attacks of ISI’s proxy and state sponsored terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Khorasan against the Zikri sect in order to promote the state propaganda. We do not expect any good from Pakistani electronic and print media but distortion of facts in this fashion and advancement of state narrative in such frivolity under the presumed cloak of truth requires an explanation.

The killing of Akhtar was not only compared to Lashkar-e-Khorasan’s brutalities and martyrdom of Zikris but it was also presented as a similar incident of 2014 in Awaran where the Zikri sect’s place of worship was attacked and seven Zikri Baloch were martyred. Whereas, the whole world knows that a specific group under the patronage of Pakistan committing violence against Zikris in Balochistan and forcing them to migrate. It has also been mentioned in the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reports. In Baloch liberation struggle there is no discrimination based on religion, race or color, which is part of our constitution and manifesto. Baloch from each and every denomination and sect, excluding state fostered religious groups, are in this struggle and performing their duties.

The newspaper, by turning a blind eye on the cause and motive of the incident, not only manifested the bias of Pakistani press more clearly but also defended the state narrative in order to cover up its barbaric acts because, it is a not a secret that the Zikris are being targeted with Pakistanis state terrorism for not becoming a part of its religious fanaticism. Lashkar-e-Khorasan is a Pakistani proxy organization that stages atrocities against the Zikri sect from Pakistan Army camps and those who carried out attacks in Awaran are still living in Pakistani army camp.

Not only that but the massacres of Zikris in Gwarkop, Pidrak, Pasni, Gwadar, Jhaoo, bombing of Zikri pilgrims’ bus in Greshag, all such cruel acts were committed by Pakistan Army and ISI proxy organization. But the attacks on Zikris in Gwarkop, Gwadar, Pasni, Jhaoo, Awaran, Greshag etc. never been reported in the Pakistani press and nor the atrocities of ISI’s proxy organizations’ continuous brutalities been brought into light. But whenever some Pakistani informant or official is attacked, Pakistani press wakes up and reports it as a violation of human rights or an attack on certain cult or sect, in order to deceive that world and paint the Baloch liberation movement as a religious sectarian war.

The people who burnt down Zikri places of worship in Gichk area of Panjgoor two weeks ago, carrying ISIS/DAESH flag, took refuge in the army camp and freely move around the area. But the state and state media is in a state of denial about the presence of ISIS/DAESH in Balochistan. Because, the establishment has nurtured them to spread sectarianism and counter the Baloch movement.

We must insist that the penal system of BLF transcends all family, tribal or religious backgrounds in terms of judgment. We investigate and study the charges on the accused very closely and when proven guilty act accordingly without any discrimination. Mullah Akhtar was not a spiritual leader, but a professional spy, and was involved in many social ills. To spare such people is unfair to the blood of martyrs and against the Baloch national interest.