Extra Judicial Killing: Dead body changed Identity on second day of its recovery

An unknown dead body was found in Absar Turbat, district Kech in the morning of 16th October, 2016. The body remained unknown for several hours and was later recognized as Babul Salman, perhaps a guess was made on the looks and the age which had some similarities to that of a Babul.
On the next day it was confirmed that the dead body found was not of any Babul, but of Latif Baloch, a shepherd who was abducted by security forces during the military operation in Awaran on 5th of October. Same military operation caused Hasil (Qazi), a local leader of Baloch Students Organization (Azad), dead in the shelling of military helicopters in the region.

Latif Baloch was 18 years old. Eldest among his one other brother and one sister. His father is a daily wage laborer in the area and works on agriculture, construction of houses and other available labor tasks to feed the family.
Latif, by taking the cattle and flocks of the village to the grazing fields and bring them back safe home in evenings, was helping his father to bring the family more of the necessities of daily life.
He was picked up by Pakistani security forces from the main bazar. All the public has witnessed the incident. Mr. Latif was abducted along with Hashim s/o Charshambay, Rashid s/o Murad, Zubair s/o Nabidad, Hassan s/o Karim Bakhsh and Hassan s/o Kecho, all residents of Kolwah district Awaran.

Whereabouts of all of the others are still unknown. Family of every missing person rushes to the sight wherever they hear a dead body is found.

No judicial system operates in Balochistan to provide any justice to these people. Police refuses to file any charge of Enforced Disappearance against the security forces, Courts need the lawyers to put up any case and a report or FIR (First Information Report) to have been filed with police first. Both, mostly undone. And International Human Rights Mechanisms, then expect and require the people to take actions according to the Local Justice and Legal System which are responsible to assure the protection of Human Rights.