BRP and BNM leadership announce talks for coordination and national unity

Baloch Republican Party and the Baloch National Movement in a joint press release said that leaders of both the parties, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and Khalil Baloch, discussed and expressed the need for coordination and mutual trust between the two parties.

In this regard, both the parties will soon make an announcement for a meeting. The two parties will form their delegations that will make efforts to strengthen coordination and mutual trust between the two parties through negotiation.

The press release says that “The coordination between the parties will be built on revolutionary and equality basis,” adding that two leaders agreed on the importance of mutual trust and coordination between national parties that are responsible for and can decide for the nation’s future simultaneously countering individualism, factionalism and undemocratic politics.

It further says no matter how active and loyal an individual may be, he/she could not be qualified enough to meet the national responsibilities; Therefore, the Baloch national struggle needs to be strengthened following organizational framework rather than individuality, adding “If a third Baloch party is interested to join the coordination on ideological basis, the doors are always open”.

The press release also says “If the coordination is not followed on ideological basis, it will create despair, distrust and confusion among the Baloch people. Unity does not necessarily mean that Baloch nation should start thinking one way or parties should abandon their ideological values. Several groups have tried to malign responsible by downplaying the role of political parties through negative propaganda. Have any national struggle ever achieved their goals without the existence of national parties and their struggle?”

The leaders expressed need for mutual trust, collaboration and coordination between national parties to avoid factionalism and individualism.

They said that “Because of the sacrifices of the nation, the international scene is changing very fast the in the favor of Baloch national struggle; Hence, different characters are pretending to be the representatives of the Baloch nation. Salman Daud, Munir Mengal or Miss Naila Qadir will have to play their role by joining and becoming a part of collective efforts of political institutions. the Baloch plight by joining/within a Baloch national organization rather on individuality. Individualism creates non-seriousness and anyone can harm national movement through such efforts for personal interests”

The two leaders emphasized that it should be clear that Baloch movement could only be represented by national parties, and an individual did not have the right to represent a nation.

It was also decided between the two leaders to stay in touch in order to supervise the process.