Baloch nation should be supported against the Pakistan backed terrorist organisations. Balochistan Liberation Front.

24 October 2016
Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for attacks on security forces and said, yesterday morning around 8 AM ISIS operatives tried to surround Balochistan Liberation Front fighters camp in Korak area of Jaho, Awaran in Balochistan. Clashes erupted between Baloch freedom fighters and ISIS operatives. The battle lasted for six hours and then Pakistani army reached to support ISIS operatives. Balochistan Liberation Front fighters succeeded in breaking the siege and left safely. Islamic militants and Pakistani army tried to block the way of Balochistan Liberation Front fighters through other routes in the Hills of Thargi, in Korak area of Jaho, Awaran. So, once again Pakistani Army and it's nurtured extremist group ISIS had to face the defeat in a fierce battle, where including inflicted casualties, a vehicle and two motorcycles were damaged. Gwahram Baloch urged the world powers to support Baloch nation against Pakistan backed terrorist organisations to prevent the growth of ISIS in Balochistan. Otherwise, like Afghanistan, Pakistan will soon make a stronghold of religious extremists in Balochistan. Pakistan is using the islamic extremists as assets and no action is being taken against them anywhere. In Balochistan, ISIS, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Islam, Musallah Difa and other religious extremist organizations are still continuing their activities freely. Pakistan is just deceiving the world to collect money in the name of actions against these extremists.