Pakistani forces suffered heavy loss in fierce gun battle against Baloch fighters

QUETTA:  Pakistani Frontier Corps (FC) and their local collaborators (death squads) ambushed three Baloch freedom fighters in Nemargh area of Kalat on Thursday afternoon as result a Baloch fighter was killed and Pakistani forces also suffered heavy losses.

According to details, three fighters of the Baloch Liberation Army were on a routine patrol when the Pakistani military death squad and FC jointly ambushed them.

The gun battle continued for two hours. The Baloch fighters succeeded in breaking the death squad and FC’s siege, even though one of BLA fighter was wounded.

In a brief statement to media a Jiand Baloch the spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) confirmed the gun battle and said that their wounded friend later succumbed to his injuries due to intensive bleeding.

He said the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) fighters also came to the aid of BLA fighters and together they forced the FC and their death squad to retreat.

He said, “Several personnel of the enemy [Pakistani forces] were killed and injured during the gun battle.”

He said after their defeat at the hands of Baloch fighters, new contingents from Kalat, Surab and Noshki started to arrive in the region to expand the scoop of their offensives.

Gunship helicopters also backed the Pakistani forces.

Jiand Baloch said that martyr Suleman Baloch alias Ali was from Baghbana region of Jhalawan Balochistan and belonged to Notani tribe of Baloch nation.

He said, “Suleman Baloch had been working the organisation [BLA] since 2009 and served in Quetta, Khuzdar, Bolan and Kalat areas of Balochistan.

“He was abducted by Pakistani forces in 2010 and he was subjected to brutal torture and inhuman treatment but he continued the struggle more vibrantly after that.”

Mr. Baloch said Shaheed Suleman was a hardworking, honest, and brave Baloch soldier “his service to the national cause will be remembered throughout the history of the organisation.”