Balochistan is a war zone, democratic countries should save the lives of Baloch political refugees: BSO-Azad

Sangar News

Pakistan is the country which is responsible for the expansion of terrorism worldwide. It is against the democratic traditions of a responsible country like Canada to doubt the activities of BSO-Azad on the basis of negative propaganda and influence of the Pakistani government and media, said BSO-Azad central spokesperson.
BSO-Azad spokesperson shared these views on the occasion of suspension of asylum cases of members and leaders of BSO-Azad by Canadian Refugee Division and Canadian Border Services Agency due to the one-sided stance about the organization by Pakistani government and media. The spokesperson further said that Pakistan is a non-democratic country, and those peaceful organizations which speak against the the state oppression are termed as terrorist and declared banned by the state. The state has also imposed a ban on the activities of pro-democratic organizations like BSO-Azad. The state forces killed more than a hundred peaceful members and leaders of BSO-Azad after their forced disappearances and through target killings. Hundreds of members and leaders like Zakir Majeed, Zahid Baloch and Shabir Baloch are still in secret torture cells of the state forces at illegal detention. Hundreds of BSO-Azad activists are compelled to leave their education in order to save themselves from state barbarism. It is the responsibility of democratic countries to save BSO-Azad activists and members who are facing state barbarism, said central spokesperson.
The BSO-Azad spokesperson added that Pakistan itself had given shelter to Usama Bin Ladin, Mullah Umar and Mullah Aktar Mansoor including other global terrorists; many more wanted terrorists are still roaming freely in Pakistan while engaged in their activities. The proxy groups of the state forces are killing the pro-freedom political activists by using the name of religion in Balochistan. The Pakistan army is also responsible for the genocide in Bangladesh. Despite this, the retired officers of the Pakistan army are conducting their activities through an organization named Army Association in Canada. Many residing Baloch in Canada are threatened in several times by this association in Canada. A Pakistani man had threatened Latif Johar Baloch, recently residing in Canada, of dire consequences during a campaign, who was later arrested by police. BSO-Azad spokesperson said that the representatives and rulers of a country which is largely responsible for the expansion of terrorism globally should not be given the right to misrepresent the leaders of BSO-Azad. Our struggle is according to the international laws against the illegal occupation. BSO-Azad does peaceful struggle despite all the inhuman behaviour with its members. The BSO-Azad spokesperson termed the stance of Pakistani High Commission Nadeem Kiyyani as ridiculous in which he claimed that Pakistani media is an independent organization, and accused that BBC was misguided when it selected Karima Baloch as one of the most influential women in 2016. The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that Pakistani media is trying hard to hide the condition of Balochistan. Pakistan is still the fourth dangerous country for journalists in the world. Right now, Balochistan is not only facing a media blackout, but a ban had been also imposed on the entrance of foreign journalists. An example can be seen by the killings of journalists like Irshad Mastoi, Razaq Gul and Haji Razaq by state forces and ban on foreign journalist Declan Walsh due to reporting about Baluchistan.
BSO-Azad requests all democratic countries of the world including Canada to declare Balochistan a war zone and open their doors for those students who were forcefully expelled from educational institutions, and do their democratic duty by saving lives of Baloch refugees from the state barbarism.