Balochistan is going through a huge humanitarian crisis. BLF

(Sangar News )Quetta, Balochgistan, Mar 9, 2017: Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesperson Gwahram Baloch talking to media from an undisclosed location, claimed responsibility for the attack on census Bureau Office next to FC (Frontier Corps) Head Quarters in Khuzdar Balochistan with hand grenades on Thursday, 9th March, as the people involved in the census or collaborating as facilitators are on our target.

A Pakistani army patrol was attacked in Rahujo area of Mashkey on Tuesday, in which three army personnel killed and one sustained injuries. He added.

Attack on Census Bureau office is a warning to stay away from Pakistani institutions. On the other hand, Pakistan army is forcing Baloch people to participate in 23 March (Pakistan Day) celebrations. We want to make it crystal clear that Pakistan is a foreign occupier and has occupied Balochistan. No one will be allowed to celebrate the spoils of an occupier. This might be an eve of celebration for other nations but not for the Baloch. Baloch people should stay away from such processions.

There are few paid traitors who are preparing to participate in these celebrations with their families and also pressurizing the school children to join them. The school children are under immense mental pressure due to it.

We warn all the government officials and appeal the Baloch nation to stay away from such festivities. Baloch freedom fighters (Sarmachars) can attack any time.

Gwahram Baloch further added that the media and Human Rights organizations are silent on the ongoing military operations and abductions of women and children in occupied Balochistan. Their silence is mind boggling, and it is considered to provide impunity to the Pakistani army. He said, for last two days in Mashkay, Pakistani forces have abducted nearly 30 women and children, including a new born infant, and are kept in the military camp.

While the military operations in Awaran, Geeshkor and Kolwah continue, in which until now more than 50 persons have been abducted and a large number has been admitted to Awaran hospital after severe torture. Gwahram Baloch said, occupied Balochistan is going through a huge humanitarian crisis. We appeal all the local and international media outlets, media persons and journalists to visit occupied Balochistan and observe the ground realities first hand. BLF will provide all the possible security to them.