BRP rally on international women's day to highlight Pakistan barbarism against Baloch women

(Sangar News)

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party switzerland Chapter, carried out a protest rally which started from the center of Geneva city and ended in front of UN office during 34th regular session of Human Right council in United Nation in Geneva here on wednesday.

The protest rally, led by Baloch Leader and president of Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti, Mansoor Baloch, Riaz Gul Bugti, and representative of BRP at UNHRC, Mr Abdul Bugti also participated.

While addressing the rally, president of BRP swiss chapter, Sher Baz Bugti, vice president Qadir Bugti, and Secretary General Mohammad Nawaz Bugti, condemned Pakistan's war crimes such as abduction of Baloch women and children.

"Objective of our protest rally and demonstration on this especial occasion of International women's day is to highlight and expose forceful disappearance of Baloch women and other crimes by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan", Mr. Bugti said.

Sher Baz Bugti further said that the aim of the protest rally is to raise awareness about serious violation of Human Rights and the abduction, detention and oppression of Baloch women particularly from Dera Bugti, Kohistan Marri, Bolan and Mashkay.

Furthermore, he said that world is celebrating international women's day and  focusing on the the right of every women as well as their social importance, but unfortunately Baloch women are continuously suffering under the state terrorism even on this especial day.


"From the beginning of this year, more than 200 Baloch women were abducted along with their children, from Dera Bugti, and now same is the case in Mashkay and other parts in Balochistan where army abducts Baloch women and children in hundreds during the military operations", he said, adding that family of the abductees are not even allowed to protest for the safe release of their beloved ones who are still missing for months.

He said on one hand Pakistan speak about ending violence against women, and on other hand its brutal army continue to abduct and torture Baloch women. Mr Bugti said there have been a significant rise in atrocities and serious Human Rights violations against Baloch People by the Pakistani army and it's a new plane introduced to target specifically Baloch women, which could be very dangerous.  He appealed Human Right Organizations to take notice of missing Baloch women and to play an effective role in releasing of Baloch women who are suffering under the custody of Pakistan's terrorist army.