BSO-Azad condemns the three-day military operations and siege in Mashkay and other areas.

The Baloch Student Organization (Azad) spokesperson said that a large-scale military operation at Mashkay and adjacent areas in Balochistan has been ongoing for several days.  The BSO-Azad spokesperson condemned in the strongest terms the occupying forces three-day military operations in Mashkay and surrounding areas.

The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that These regions are populated by civilians; and during the military operations, state military forces have besieged people’s homes.  Additionally they have blockaded all internal and external routes effectively trapping populations in these areas while the military forces are burning their houses.  By the third day; dozens of young Baloch people were enforced abducted by state forces during the operation and remain missing.

Huge deployments of gunship helicopters and ground forces intensely bombarded vast territories in the Mashkay area; indiscriminately shelling a number of villages.  Due to the total blockade, and complete disconnection of communication systems in the affected areas additional details of current circumstances are unavailable; the BSO-Azad spokesperson expressed concerns of large-scale loss of human life.

Among the homes attacked was the residence of Mohammad Asif Baloch.  State military forces invaded his home, and subjected his family members to acts of violence including his elderly mother, his wife, sister, and the young children.  Without any respect the state forces mercilessly tortured the innocent women and incurred serious injuries.

The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that the savage display of the state forces’ power has demonstrated that while military operations are continuing in Balochistan, the Baloch women are not safe. The BSO-Azad spokesperson added that; The state forces have committed many merciless acts of violence against women in different areas of Balochistan.  In a recent military operation in Bolan, Balochistan; Baloch women have been subjected to indiscriminate mass abductions and killings.

State National Party representatives like Sanaullah Zehri and the other so-called parliamentary parties have resorted to supporting extremist death-squads; granting them free reign in many areas to massacre innocent people and peaceful political activists as part of a multifaceted strategy to secure foreign investments and undermine the Baloch national liberation movement.  As a result of the activities of the death squads and the state military forces thousands of political activists have been abducted and are missing or killed.

The Department of Balochistan, released a factual report declaring that during the year of 2015 more than a thousand people have been killed without legal trial.  Additionally, the Interior Department’s recent reports from Balochistan indicated that over eight thousand people have been arrested.  BSO-Azad asserted that the actual figure is more than double that.

The State military forces have accelerated the genocide of Baloch people in Balochistan to pave the way for the streets of the mega-project.  Meanwhile housing units are being constructed to accommodate millions of non-Baloch migrants the state has planned to settle in the areas.  These projects have had serious negative impacts, and is making life dangerous for the Baloch people.

The BSO-Azad spokesperson urgently appealed to the United Nations to hold Pakistan, as a UN member state, accountable for the brutal force they have unleashed against the Baloch people.