There is no element of ethnicity, race in Baloch national freedom movement: BLF

(Quetta Sangar News)

  Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Gohram Baloch said that a few days ago its sarmachaars attacked an under construction link road connected to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and killed four personnel of the army run construction company Frontier Works Organization (FWO). This is a clear policy under which our organization does not allow anyone to work on such projects without the consent of Baloch people. As far as CPEC related projects are concerned, they come under FWO. But a Sindhi leader who called the FWO workers innocent and labeled an organization like BLF as terrorist, he created the perception that the four FWO personnel equate with the Sindhi nation which is not a reverence to Sindhu Desh. He should reconsider his statements because BLF has its roots in Baloch people. And if they want to keep the Sindhi-Baloch relationship intact then they should observe the situation closely. BLF has made it clear since the day one that an anti-Baloch project like CPEC, which has become an anti-human project due to Chinese imperialism, will be resisted rigorously. Baloch in Balochistan are suffering from genocide in connivance with China about which everyone is well aware of. But we express with great regret that Sindhi leaders, instead of refraining Sindhis from becoming part of these projects, they are furious and using the same language that Pakistani state uses against us. That Sindhi leader has invited Baloch leaders for mediation but he is unaware of their position. Among the mediators he included a person's name who has no reputation and integrity in and outside of Balochistan with regard to Baloch national movement. Should we understand that this Sindhi leader has begun the politics of the same person?


Gohram Baloch further said that despite the repeated warnings that if an individual becomes a part of these companies and projects will be punished. To portray them as unarmed civilian is nothing but ignorance of the conditions on the ground. Because, thousands of army troops even Special Forces are deployed for the security of these companies, projects and their workers. Whenever and wherever BLF got the chance, it has conducted hundreds of attacks, which are on record. In order to maintain the perpetuity of Sindhi-Baloch ties, we appeal other Sindhi leaders to encourage Sindhis to struggle for independence as well as create awareness of the bloodbath going on in Balochistan. But as we have observed today that instead to counseling Sindhis they are signaling Pakistani army to use Sindhis for the completion of these projects. Projects like CPEC are causing genocide of Baloch, therefore it is not a good omen for the Sindhis as well as Sindhu Desh. Sindhi people must choose their right leaders to prevent the completion of these projects. Otherwise just like Karachi, that is no longer a Baloch-Sindhi city, other cities of Sindh will not be under Sindhi control for long. Killings and disappearances of so many Sindhi leaders and activists, including Muzaffar Bhutto, were aimed at countering the Sindhu Desh liberation movement and leader of Sindhu Desh should show some seriousness in this regard. For the independence of Sindhu Desh, Sindhi youth should come forward and start attacking the Pakistani army and its supply lines, oil and gas installations day and night. In the cities and facilities where Sindhi people dwell, it is very easy to disturb Pakistan. But Sindhu Desh needs a leader who is able to convince the Sindhi people and they have their absolute trust in him.

Gohram Baloch added that the there is no element of ethnicity and race in Baloch national freedom movement. The aim of our struggle is independence of Balochistan. Alongwith targeted killings of Baloch informants no one has any immunity and no one is allowed to take part in the looting of Baloch resources, Baloch genocide, and the expulsion of Baloch people from their own land and collaborate in such activities of the occupational army of Pakistan.