Balochistan is at the crossroad

Ipso facto Pakistan has been carrying out a regular campaign of genocide, war crime,ethnic cleansing and crime against humanity in large scale of baloch people as a state policy which justifies the right of intervention, duly come up with `The Responsibility to Protect,this postulated an R2P duty on the Security Council for intervention.Besides that the previaling environment filfuls all the ten precondition which are illustrated in the book of Geoffry Robertson QC at page755 Crimes Against Humanity ,which give mandate and right to UNO and NATO for humanitarian intervention.
But regretably the the aforsaid entities are not properly playing their entrusted responsibilities in accod with new era of norms of Internation Humanitarian Law.Due to which Pakistan and China seriously violating the following provisions of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples(2007) in connection with Gwader costruction of port and recently handing over all the administrative powers to regular army and the baloch people are being embargoed to enter into Gwader and the inhabitants are being provided so-called Residence Cads which reveals the naked shape of colonialism in 21th century.And in the grabe of that residence card the regular army easily manipulates and furnish residence cards to non baloches on account of that mechanism they can technically change the demography of baloch into minority. Baloches being indigenous are already being deprived from their land ,resources ,sea, gold and gas, The provincial governmen provided thousands actres of precious and prime land to China authority for so-called free trade zone in Gwader and without the consent of baloch people. Now I come to relevent articles of above referred Declaration.
Sub Art.2(a) of Art 8  of Declaration states that Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving indigenous people and of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities. We see that Pakistan with its nefarious motives  is seriously violating that article and wants to shift a huge population from Panjab and marginalize the demography of baloch,in terms of Gwader port´s development.Establishing the recent residence cards system is one of the textbook example.
Clause(b) of referred Art. Says that any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing the indigeous people of their lands, territories or resources.we baloch have a lot of experiences from Saindak gold project Sui gas field and now Gwader Port and Reko Diq`s fate would be same, and Pakistan is breaching this clause also.Therefore baloch is resisting and Pakistan and China are ruthlessly killing us. We believe that the development of Gwader aim is to grab and and snatch the coastal belt of our prime lands including sea and its resources, which we have traditionally owned, occupied and possessed since thousands years.Now military is not only killing the baloch civilian but also abducting  and seriously beating baloch women and girls recently in on going operation in Mashky ,Jagho.Awaran Nag, Gichk and Bolan.
Clause(c) says that any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights. It would be pertinent to state here more than hundred baloch youth especially studenrs were forcibly disappeared from Gwader and Awaran and Mashky districts in balochistan in the months of October, November and December of this year many were killed because they resisted and concerns are not concured with the policy of Pakistan and China in repect of handing over Gwader to regular army . While three lacs  baloches people have been forcibly displaced from their native towns and villeges and a numbers of villages and towns were burnt on account of on going military operation  which established unimaginable atrocities . 
It would be relevant to refer here the Articles 25 and 26 of the aforesaid Declaration respectively,articale 25 says that Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain their distinctive spiritual relationship relationship with their traditionally owned,  otherwise occupied and used lands territories,water and coastal seas and other resources and uphold their responsibilities to future generations in this regard. For the sake of information majority of the population of coastal belt are fishermen and due to maga project in Gwader the environment and their employment sources would be badly affected. They are religiously from Zikri sect of baloch, we are secular and Pakistan is bigoted state many Zikri baloch have alrady been killed.
Articale 26 (1)says Indigenous people have the rights to the lands, territories and resources which they treaditionally owned,occupied or otherwise used or acquired.
It would be not out of place to mention here that we have been dispossessed by Pakistan Navy and coastal guard and military ,they have snatched our entire coastal belt and in every districts of balochistan they built and established garrisons and cantonments without any cogent reason and justification only their aim and object are to create terror in the mind of indigenous baloch people and  to strengthen their colonization and which is also against the provision of Article 30 of the Declaration, that states that Military activities shall not place in the lands or terrortories of indigenous people,unless justified by a significant threat to relevant public interest or otherwise freely agreed with or requested by the indigenous people concerned. But we observed taht all the actions and misdeed are being carried out without the consent and consultation of baloch people.
To baloch, constructions of cantonments are not justified in this regard the establishmenthas not got the consent of baloch people,even they did not respect the adopted resolution of Balochistan Assembly on 23 September 2003. Assembly against the construction of cantonments  in Dera Bugti, Gwader and Kohlu.http://www.dawn/news/land-in-gwader-for-contonment.
The recent decision of of Pakistan in handing over Gwader to regular army that tantamount itsel to estabish contonment.
Similarly Sui gas field is thr biggest natural gas field in Pakistan.It situated in Sui in balochistan was discovered in the late 1952 and commercial explitation of the field begun in 1955.Balochistan is providing 70% gas the revenue of proced is more than one trillion Rs,but only getting GDS annually Rs.5 billion and baloch people are embargo to ask about the actual figurs of revenue,in a nutshell in this area also federal govenment violating the international norms and and Article 32(2) of the Declaration. How can you immagine that only five districts of balochistan have been provided gas becuase the contonments are located over there even in Sui from where the gas was discovered the inhabitants of its had been deprived from there natural resouces. 
Keeping in view the hereinabove mentioned circumstances and facts,we being indigenous peoples are leading a miserable life in our land and now China and Pakistan in name of development and Corridor Prosperty with their nefarious desighn snatching our land, our sea our gold and when in reaction we baloch resist which is a natural phenomenon they are ruthlessly killing and slaughtering us. But regertably in this so-called global village none ask Pakistan to end her impunity and atrocity against us,baloch are most potentioal victims and seriously suffering in a tragedy but we feel none are compassionate ,pity and fear(catharsis)from our suffering. 
In that context I end baloch story with the peom of Rita Joe which is in consonant with baloch previaling situation especially with Gwader development, and rather it is voice of the soul of every indigenous people in the world: may be someone look at a glance on baloch also.
Your buildings are tall,alien,
Cover the land; 
Unfeeling concrete smothers,
windos glint
Like water to the sun.
No breezes blow
Through standing trees;
No scent of pine lightens my burden.
I see your buildings rising skyward,
Over the trails, where men once walked,
Significant rulers of this land
Who still hold the aboriginal title
In their hearts
By traditions known
Through eons of time.
Relearning our culture is not difficult,
Because those trails I remember
And their meaning I understand.
While skyscrapers hide the heavens, 
They can fall.