Balochistan: 10 abducted in military operations in Pidark

(Sangar news) )On 15th May 2017, Pakistani security forces conducted military operations and set ablaze several houses in Gwarkop, Solani, Dansar, Main Bazar and Lanji areas of Pidark district Kech, Balochistan.

Pidark is a region between district Kech and Gwadar, which is popular for camps of religious extremists. Nationalists blame security forces for using these religious groups against them.

Imran Mehrab

During the operations, security forces abducted Sadiq Nek Bakht and Nooruddin Mazar from Lanji village, Shoukat Pendul, Dr. Shakil Mohammad Yaqob, Inayat Mohammad Ali and Ijaz Gwahram from Malik Bazar, Riaz Ahmed and Nusrath Qasim from Main Bazar, Jameel Dilmurad and Imran Mehrab from Dansar, Pidark district Kech, Balochistan.

Shoukat Pendul, Inayat Mohammad Ali and Ijaz Gwahram were released on the same day, but the others have been shifted to unknown location and their whereabouts are still unknown to their families.