Pakistan Army Conducts Ruthless Operation In Different areas of Mastung and Kalat

(Sangar News)

A fresh military offensive has been reported by locals from different areas of Kalat and Mastung districts of Balochistan.

According to local witnesses for the last two days Pakistan army has been conducting an offensive in Johan, Narmuk, Kabo, Dilband, Thalkhavi, Dashthdi, Sarshaar, Esplinji, Koh-a-Sia, Koh-a-Maraan and other mountainous region of Kalat and Mastung.

Today Pakistani arms forces have commenced indiscriminate shelling of the rural villages in the region because of it countless homes were destroyed, many persons were killed and injured, including children and women.

Most of the people in these area of Balochistan depend upon livestock for their livelihood, under such intense shelling most of livestock are destroyed. Baloch activist have been pointing out this for a long time, they say Pakistan government is deliberately destroying the livelihood of indigenous Baloch people so the local people leave the area and migrate.

It must be noted that Balochistan is completely sieged by Pakistan army, during the past decade no news reporters or international NGOs were allowed to visit it.

The intensity of the destruction and the numbers of casualty cannot be given specify because the area is sealed off by the Pakistan army no journalist, human rights activists or aid agencies are allowed inside to help the people and report the exact situation to the world.

The Baloch social, political and human rights activist have appealed to the international bodies to take notice of the situation and force Pakistan government to open access to all parts of Balochistan for media, aid agencies and human rights organizations so the people can get relief from these NGOs.