Balochistan: Another large-scale military operation launched in Mastung and Qalat

(Sangar News)

On 31 May 2017, Pakistan military sieged Johan, Narmuk, Kabu, Kohak, Talkhawi, Dilband, Dashtadi, Sarshar, Ispilanji, Koh-Syáh and Koh-Márán areas of Mastung-Qalat region of Balochistan. All the exit and entry routes are blocked and communication networks jammed.

“Security forces using chemical weapons and posinous gas on civil population and all the water sources are poisoned”, the nationalists in Balochistan say.

“The operation still continues on it’s third day. Shelling intensified on Koh-syah. Four fighter jets have been seen flying towards the area. More than ten gunship helicopters and dozens of military trucks have been seen, aerial bombardment and big explosions heard around 4 AM Pakistan time from a long distance”, locals say from surrounding areas.

Due to the siege and complete shut-down of communication systems, there is no access to the effected areas and the situation remains unknown.

Same kind of military operations have been going on Awaran, Mekran and Dera Bugti regions as well.