BLF claims responsibility of attacks in Balochistan

(Sangar News)

BLF spokesperson Gwahram Baloch in his statement said, on , 11th June, 2017, BLF fighters attacked Pakistan army's main camp with rocket launchers in Hoshab district Kech, Balochistan and inflicted heavy causalities to the occupying Pakistani army.

Gwahram Baloch added, last night on 10 June 2017, in Taplo area of Zamuran a construction company camp was attacked, tractors and other machineries in the camp were burned down. It was working on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and previously had been warned several times to stop working on illegal projects. Despite that, it armed few men with weapons and continued working on the scheme under Pakistani army supervision. Moreover, it built its camp close to a military camp.

Therefore, last night the construction company including the army camp were intensely attacked.Heavy casualties reported.

It is the last warning to the local inhabitants and mainly to the contractors to avoid collaboration with the army in so-called development projects.

Today morning, on 11 June 2017, after the attack, a Pakistani military convoy reached to the aforementioned camps in Zamuran to review overall losses and damages, and to shift the dead and injured personnels to their camp

On its way back, the same convoy was ambushed in Alandor area of Buleda district Kech, Balochistan. As a result, three military vehicles badly damaged, all the personnels in the vehicles were killed and injured.

Gwahram Baloch said, the attacks will continue till the independent Balochistan