BLF claims responsibility of attacks in Balochistan

(Sangar News)

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson Gwahram Baloch in his statement said three trailers delivering goods from Iran to Panjab were attacked and badly damaged in Sultan Charai area of Noshki, Balochistan.

The trailers were loaded of residual fuel oils and other manufactured goods.

Two Pakistani military vehicles reached the scene for help were also attacked, due to which both military vehicles were partially damaged, several military personnels in the vehicles killed and injured.

The routes in Balochistan will not be used or allowed to transport any goods to Punjab or any other part in Pakistan. Therefore, the vehicle owners and the drivers should not come in war zone, Balochistan, otherwise they will be responsible of their own losses.

On June 11, 2017, in Bidrang area of Gresha district Khuzdar, Balochistan, Baloch fighters tried to arrest a Pakistani army informer, Mayar Dadul, but he resisted the arrest, in response he was killed on the spot. He was helping Pakistani army against Baloch freedom fighters.

In retaliation of his killing, Pakistani army started a military operation in the area, tortured the local inhabitants and burned several houses.

Gwahram Baloch further added, on the same day, Pakistani army convoy was ambushed in Bidrang area of Gresha district Khuzdar, Balochistan and heavy casualties inflicted to the occupying Pakistani army.

Gwahram Baloch ended his statement saying, the attacks will continue till the independent Balochistan.