Balochistan: 10 abducted and one released by pakistani military

(Sangar News)

Since three days, Pakistani security forces started a house to house search operation in different areas of district Gwadar, Balochistan.

On 25 June 2017, From Jiwani district Gwadar, Balochistan, around 11:00 pm Pakistan time security forces abducted Arif Ismail.

Razzaq Qadir Bakhsh was abducted from Pishukan district Gwadar, Balochistan.

On 24 June 2017, security forces abducted two civilians from Nizarabad, Tump district Kech Balochistan, the abductees have been identified as Hakeem Piti, resident of Azyan, Tump district Kech and Ijaz resident of Nizarabad, Tump district Kech Balochistan.

On 23 June 2017, In Kaldan area of district Gwadar, Balochistan, during a search operation security forces tortured women and children, looted all the valuables and abducted Akram Syed Mohammad, Akbar Syed Mohammad, Kamal Chakar, Khalil Abdul Samad and Kunar Abdul Rab.

Along with previously reported Azhar Kalmati, Izzat Kalmati and his son Navid Kalmati, Yaqob Murad Bakhsh has also been abducted from Panowan area of district Gwadar, Balochistan.

Mohammad Noor Yousef, resident of Dramakol, Pidark district Kech, Balochistan has been released on 13 June 2017 from Gwadar. He was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Ward No 6, Pasni district Gwadar, Balochistan on 13 June 2017.

All the abductees have been shifted to unknown location and their whereabouts are still unknown to their families.